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Most High-End Residential Floor Coverings

When you want to upgrade your home, there are many options for your residential flooring. From high-end hardwood to vinyl plank flooring, here’s how you can enhance your rooms. 

What to Know About High-End Residential Floors

Choosing the Right Residential Floor Covering

When choosing the right residential floor covering, you’ll want to consider your lifestyle and aesthetic goals. Do you have a lot of foot traffic from kids and pets? Do you host a lot of parties or gatherings and need a floor covering that will stand up against the weight and wear and tear?

Also, consider the room itself. If it’s a living room and you want a modern but timeless feel, carpeting is typically not going to work for your space. If it’s a kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or another high-traffic area, you’ll want highly moisture-resistant flooring.

Lately, there are two popular choices that enhance the high-end look of your space and are tough as long as they’re maintained properly. When considering whether to choose vinyl plank flooring and high-end hardwood flooring, it all comes down to your lifestyle and how much you’ll be able to keep up with maintenance. 

High-End Hardwood Flooring

There’s nothing more classic and eye-catching than beautiful hardwood flooring. Imagine welcoming guests to your home with newly polished floors with a timeless feel. Whether you have a traditional home or something more contemporary, high-end hardwood flooring is always appropriate. 

The advantages of hardwood flooring revolve around your ability to maintain them. If they’re properly cleaned and polished, hardwood flooring can last for multiple decades. They can also hold the weight of heavy furniture and foot traffic. Marks and scratches can typically be easily fixed, so as long as you keep an eye on any blemishes, your hardwood flooring will be beautiful for years to come.  

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is another type of flooring that offers the look of hardwood flooring but is completely waterproof. This type of flooring is also easy to clean but can withstand spills, snowy shoes, pet accidents, and more. 

Modern-day vinyl plank flooring can also look like real high-end hardwood flooring, but at a lower cost and very durable if properly cleaned and maintained. Additionally, it doesn’t scratch, dent, or scuff, and is meant to be in busy households. 

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