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Most Comfortable Flooring for Your Pet

You love your home and want it to be aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable. If you live with pets, it’s also likely that you deal with a little more cleaning and maintenance than a non-pet household. And because our furry loved ones are more than worth the extra cleaning tasks, we also want them to be comfortable in their home. Luckily, with the right residential flooring, you can have comfort, style, and simple maintenance. 

Best Floors for Pets

Soft Flooring

Any type of soft flooring, such a carpeting, rubber flooring tiles, or soft vinyl flooring, is going to suit you and your pet. Especially for older pets who may have a harder time walking on slippery surfaces, such as hardwood flooring, you will want to look into what is considered soft flooring and decide what fits your lifestyle and cleaning schedule. 

Residential Carpeting 

Carpeting is an excellent residential flooring choice for pets and people. There are countless options, so you can choose between short fiber carpeting, which will be soft but easiest to clean, or a long fiber carpeting, which will be very soft and plush, but dirt and hair will be more difficult to remove. Both options are great for pets’ joints, paw pads, and overall comfort. Both choices also bring comfort and ease to a space, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or entertainment area. Vacuuming once a week will maintain the carpeting for years to come, especially when paired with a yearly or bi-annual shampooing service.

Rubber Flooring Tiles

Another type of flooring that has gained popularity throughout the last few years is rubber flooring. Installing rubber flooring tiles is easy and even easier to clean and maintain. Though this type of flooring comes in an assortment of colors and patterns, it’s the perfect flooring option for spaces dedicated to pets. Because it has plenty of give, rubber flooring tiles are easy on pets’ joints and paws. Like carpet, it’s even comfortable enough for them to lie down on, but also more cooling, which is perfect for the summer months. 

Additionally, rubber flooring tiles offer easy cleaning and maintenance. All you have to do is sweep weekly and mop with warm water. Rubber flooring doesn’t hang onto pet hair either, so allergens and debris will be reduced throughout your home. 

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