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Why December Is the Best Time to Buy Carpeting

Installing new carpet is always a big project to take on, especially when the carpet is in a main area like the living room. Adding a big project to your holiday checklist may seem obscure, but there are plenty of benefits to installing residential carpeting in your home or commercial carpeting in your office in December. Here are a few reasons why.

Benefits of Getting New Carpet in December

1) Family Vacations or Employees Are Out of the Office 

It can be frustrating to have the family ready to go on vacation for the holidays or to schedule carpet installation around them. Luckily, many flooring companies see lower installation numbers this time of year, so they’re more available to work around your schedule. This means that you can schedule the installation when you’re away and can come home to brand new carpeting.

For the office, installing new commercial carpeting while employees are out for the holidays is also a good idea. Even if some employees still come and go, it’s easier to manage a new office project when there are fewer bodies in the room. 

2) Salespeople May Be Hoping for a Little More Commission Before the Holidays 

Since most people are distracted with holidays plans and family get togethers, it may serve in your best interest that flooring companies don’t have as much on their schedules. However, they’re people too, and they also still need a paycheck before the holidays. This could make a salesperson more eager to work around your schedule and budget to make sure your carpeting is installed on time and is affordable even during the holidays. 

3) Holiday Chaos Means a Better Chance of Negotiating Price 

Though money is tightest during the holidays, the timing, eagerness of salespeople, and flexibility will all play into your favor when you are one of fewer clients during that month. It may even give you the opportunity to negotiate a price, especially if they have the flexibility to install carpeting when you’re out of the house or on vacation. This way, both parties win by saving money and getting a last minute holiday sale. 

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