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How to Stop New Carpet Shedding

When you have new residential carpeting installed, it can be exciting. Your space will have a completely new look and aesthetic. However, something you may not think about is the maintenance you’ll have to implement when the new carpet is installed. Though new carpet will naturally have a fresh look, it doesn’t mean you’re free from cleaning and maintaining. 

Carpet shedding is often the biggest issue of new residential carpeting. Here are some tips to reduce carpet shedding while keeping carpets looking new and not over-cleaned. 

How to Prevent Carpet Shedding

Light Vacuuming

Loose fiber fragments are left after carpeting has been manufactured. Over time, they will come to the surface and flake off. The easiest and most effective way to rid these fiber fragments is by vacuuming once a week. As part of a proper residential carpeting maintenance plan, weekly vacuuming should be part of your checklist, but the more often it’s done, the less time-consuming it will be.

This goes for commercial carpeting too. Fibers will come to the surface and light vacuuming is key. Since many commercial spaces or offices have cleaning services, you may not even notice if the service is daily. This is ideal for the reduction of allergens and unnecessary mess in the office or commercial space, which is even better for labor costs and overall company morale. 

Yearly Professional Cleaning

After your carpet has been installed for a while and you’ve been maintaining the shedding with vacuuming, it’s a good idea to implement yearly professional cleaning. 

Professional carpet cleaning entails:

  • Pre-cleaning inspection

  • Spraying the carpet pre-shampoo

  • Sanitizing and deodorizing

  • Rinsing it and extracting debris with hot water

  • Spot treatment if necessary

  • Post-inspection to ensure carpets are as good as new

Hire Professional Flooring Installers

One of the best ways to decrease the amount of carpet shedding in both residential and commercial settings is by hiring professionals who not only know how to install carpet with efficiency but how to clean up excess fibers and avoid some shedding in the first place.

Professionals will use the right vacuums after installation to reduce and even mitigate some carpet shedding while protecting your brand new carpets. This way, you can expect years of enjoyment with your new carpet and get back to living in your space as usual.

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