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Top Reasons to Get New Floors During Back to School Season

Classes are already back in session for many Nashville, TN, schools. This time of year is inherently hectic for students, teachers, staff, and parents alike — especially after such a difficult previous school year. That said, the back-to-school season offers exciting opportunities for various renovations, too. If you’ve been thinking about installing new floors in your home, here are some great reasons to get it done during the back-to-school blitz.

Why You Should Get New Floors During Back-to-School Season

Stores Are Stocked Up Flooring Materials

In preparation for the holidays and final stretch of the year, stores tend to increase their supply of goods right around the same time school starts back up — flooring is no exception. While you might have struggled to find the exact type of carpeting you wanted for your home during spring and summer, you might have no problem picking a winner towards summer’s end/early fall. Of course, with supply chains still recovering from the past year and a half, finding the right flooring might not be as easy as it would be during normal years. Fortunately, professional flooring services can often help in this regard.

Local Flooring Companies Might Be Winding Down

Like any industry, the flooring installation sector sees ebbs and flows of activity during the year. Summer is often the busiest time for flooring experts since people generally have more free time to invest in home projects. Local floor installers might still have plenty on their plates during the back-to-school season, but you’ll likely have an easier time scheduling their services this time of year than several months before. It’s worth taking advantage of this slight dip in demand.

Your Kids will Be Out of the House

Getting anything done in your home can be a challenge when kids are running around. As such, there may be no better time to invest in new residential flooring than when your kids return to school. Now, you’ll have about 8 hours during the day where flooring professionals can get to work without distractions or obstructions.

Fresh Flooring May Stimulate Better Learning Outcomes

Education doesn’t end when your kids get home from school. Whether they’re doing homework or stretching their imaginations during playtime, you want your kids to inhabit an environment conducive to their development. Whereas old, beaten up floors can get in the way of learning and exploration, fresh floors can pave the way for productive activity, whatever it may be. New laminate wood flooring, for instance, is smooth, durable, waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing, working well in any child’s bedroom.

Bring on the School Year with New Floors

You can update your home’s floors any time of year, but the back-to-school season is a great time to do so. Whether you’re looking for linoleum flooring, carpeting, hardwood, etc., the Ozburn-Hessey Company can help. We’re flooring and installation experts serving homes and businesses in the greater Nashville, TN, area. Contact us today!

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