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Environmentally-Friendly Related Questions to Ask Your Flooring Company

Sustainability is the key concept to keep in mind when considering environmentally-friendly flooring options for your home or office. This covers a range of topics from how the material is made to how long it lasts. You can start off by asking, “Is this flooring sustainable?” With modern improvements, almost every flooring material can be sustainable, but the “how” behind each differs. Take some time to dig in and figure out exactly how each material sustains itself, whether it’s through longevity or renewable resources.

Questions About the Environment to Ask Flooring Companies

“How Long Does This Flooring Last?”

Durability can upstage almost anything. Certain processes might not always be sustainable or clean; however, if the flooring can late upwards of 50–100 years, then in a homeowner’s mind, the long-lasting product might balance out any manufacturing pollution. There is less waste when materials do not have to be replaced or created as often, especially if it’s a material that could not be recycled. It would be better for everyone––the homeowner and the environment––for it to remain in a home for half a century or more than be removed and left to the landfill.

Examples, such as oak hardwood flooring, can last a lifetime––or two or three! Hardwood flooring can stay around for hundreds of years, making them prime candidates for well-sourced, durable flooring. Bamboo flooring is also increasing in popularity due to its versatility and longevity. These two options, along with vinyl tile and plank flooring and laminate flooring, are guaranteed to have decades-long warranties from flooring companies. Flooring you don’t have to worry about for generations? That’s what we call sustainable!

“How Is This Flooring Made?”

When considering a flooring material’s origins, you’ll want to factor in how it’s sourced as well as how it’s manufactured. Flooring products come from all around the world. It’s not entirely sustainable to use products that have been imported to the United States to be manufactured. The most environmentally-friendly options are those that have been domestically harvested and produced in your state or country. This way, you see a much more minimal carbon footprint regarding emissions in transportation. Exotic hardwoods and bamboo might sound tempting, which is why it’s important to consider the full picture––from harvest and production to installation and beyond––to decide the true sustainability of your flooring.

“Is This Flooring Recyclable?”

If you can’t keep it forever, then recycling it could be the next best thing! Natural products, such as bamboo and hardwood flooring, can always be reused and repurposed. Depending on the material, certain types of tile can be recycled as well as made from recycled products, such as clay. Thankfully, with modern technology, other flooring options are being created to have environmentally-friendly features, such as longevity, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely sustainable. Laminate floor and vinyl plank flooring are manufactured with plastics that are neither biodegradable or recyclable. However, there are carpets that have been synthesized to have the capacity for recycling.

“Is This Flooring Made of Renewable Resources?”

Renewable resources refer to natural resources that replenish when they have been removed. Hardwood and bamboo flooring are made of renewable resources, as long as manufacturing companies make sure to avoid overharvesting. With proper care and delegation, trees and bamboo will continue to grow and replace what has been used. Clay is a naturally-occurring resource, while stone is not renewable. So, stone tiles, while durable and environmentally-friendly for the most part, cannot reproduce after they’ve been used as flooring. This might be worth considering if you’re interested in the balance of what you’re taking versus what you’re contributing to the environment around you.

“Which Option Is Right for Me?”

You might already have the answer to this question and the experts are here! Consider the above questions and materials mentioned, and perhaps that will spark further questions and discussion. Contact Ozburn-Hessey Company––the professionals who have been serving their community with excellence for decades.

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