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What to Know About Carpet Fiber and Your Home’s Traffic

When looking into carpet installation, it’s important to keep the high traffic areas of your home in mind. Common spaces, such as living rooms and dens, are notorious for heavy foot traffic since that’s where most of life is lived with family and friends. We want you to find a carpet type that’s going to fit all of your lifestyle needs. Discover what flooring companies are saying about carpet fiber and your home’s traffic.

How Home Traffic Affects Carpet Fiber

Understanding Carpet Fiber

Every carpet is made of thousands of fibers bound together against a backing of sorts, some more tightly than others. Commercial carpet, typically found in offices––visualize your workplace or local medical office––consists of firm, compacted fibers and are traditionally flatter to the naked eye. Wool carpet, on the other hand, is your 80’s carpet dream because it’s a loose and fluffy option for your cushion flooring. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that not all carpets are made alike. Lucky for you, it’s a spectrum from loose to firm fibers, so you can find just the right carpet to keep up with you.

When investing in carpet flooring for your home, you want to be able to commit to an option that’s going to last. Having to replace it only a few years later is less than ideal. We’ve talked about how carpet fibers are bound, but it’s dually important to note the type of fibers used in your carpet. This will ultimately inform your decision on what will best match your home’s needs. Nylon and polyester are both popular fibers known for their durability. Nylon, specifically, retains its original shape and color far better than most. Polyester isn’t quite on the same level of resilience as nylon and even wool, but given less traffic areas in your home, this could suit your needs. There’s a reason wool has been used in homes year after year. It provides dependable comfort that you can count on for generations to come. In our age of industrial carpet, most options are constructed to withstand high traffic lifestyles, so you can rest assured that there are no bad options. There simply might be one that better suits your home than others!

What This Means for Your Day-to-Day Life and the Impact of Foot Traffic

Foot traffic in your home is unavoidable, but you can choose the carpet that works for you. Your home should be a space of solace. You don’t want to worry about the deterioration of your carpet over the years. That’s why it’s best to make an informed decision now. 

The next step is to decide where you’re unwilling to compromise. Stairs are high traffic areas in the home and need to be carpeted with a flooring option that’s going to retain its shape over the years (i.e. nylon or wool). You might not want this carpet around the entire house, though. What do you value for your home, and how can your carpet reflect that? Take the time to journey through your fiber options and uncover the carpet that’s going to leave a lasting impression in your home.

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