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What Is the Best Type of Flooring for Medical Offices?

The best flooring material for your commercial space depends on a number of factors. The function of your business, amount of daily foot traffic, and overall aesthetic of the space all contribute to this choice. So, what’s the best flooring type for medical offices? Here’s what flooring companies recommend. 

What Flooring Options Fit Certain Medical Offices?

For Medical Facilities & Exam Rooms: Vinyl Tile

When it comes to medical flooring, vinyl tile is the gold standard. This flooring type is made of synthetic materials like fiberglass and PVC. The appearance is often similar to laminate, but laminate flooring contains wood and other natural materials. With this in mind, there are several key benefits to choosing vinyl tile for your medical facility: 

  • Durability: Commercial vinyl tile is one of the most durable flooring materials available. This flooring type holds up to foot traffic, scratches, water, and changes in temperature. Since medical facilities experience near constant foot traffic while employees move equipment around, this material is a great option. 

  • Comfort: Medical professionals are on their feet all day, and medical offices need to choose a flooring material with their comfort in mind. Vinyl type is softer than natural stone and materials like harwood, so it’s more comfortable to stand on than some other options. 

  • Easy Maintenance: Vinyl can hold up to daily wear and requires little care. Since this material is easy to clean and maintain, medical staff can clean the facility efficiently and focus on patient care. 

Busy medical facilities need a flooring material that can hold up to decades of use, and vinyl tile flooring is the product for the job. Vinyl flooring installation is also quite straightforward, so you won’t have to worry about shutting down your facility for too long. Typically, flooring companies can install vinyl over the existing subfloor, but your flooring company will provide an estimated timeline for the job. 

For Entryways & Waiting Rooms: Commercial Carpet

While selecting the perfect flooring material for your medical office, it’s important to remember a key part of your floor plan: The waiting room. Entryways and waiting rooms serve a different function than the rest of the facility. These spaces should be warm and inviting, so commercial carpet is often the right flooring choice. 

Installing classic office carpet in your entryway and waiting area creates a more comfortable environment for patients and their families. The space will have a homey feel, rather than clinical. Noise reduction is another key benefit of this flooring material. Waiting rooms should be calming areas, and the carpeting will absorb the noise of footsteps and chatter. While this material requires more care and cleaning, the ambiance is well worth the extra effort. 

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