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What Is Resilient Flooring?

When choosing flooring materials for your home or business, durability and cost are major factors to consider. Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise on either when ordering resilient flooring from your flooring company. This broad flooring category covers several flooring materials. Here’s how to know if it’s right for you. 

What to Know About Resilient Flooring

What Is Resilient Flooring?

Resilient flooring is a general label for any material that is firm with a bit of give. These materials typically are more flexible than hardwood but are harder than carpet. Resilient flooring can provide the look of hard materials, like tile and hardwood, without the cost. 

There are several flooring types that fall under the resilient category:

  • Vinyl: This is a synthetic flooring material that’s durable, water resistant, and versatile. Vinyl plank flooring can mimic the appearance of hardwood and is quite easy to maintain over time. You can also purchase vinyl tiles that look like natural stone. 

  • Linoleum: While linoleum and vinyl may be similar in appearance, linoleum flooring is made of natural materials. It’s not as water resistant as vinyl, but the material is still durable and cost effective. Eco-conscious homeowners might lean more toward vinyl when choosing materials. 

  • Rubber: Rubber flooring tiles and sheets are another resilient flooring option. While commercial rubber flooring is typically more popular than residential, this material is highly durable. It has more give or bounce-back than some other resilient flooring types, and it’s available in natural, synthetic, and recycled forms. 

While the above materials are some of the most popular, other resilient flooring types include cork, asphalt, and poured polymer floors. Most resilient flooring types are available in sheets and tiles. While tiles are typically easier to install, it’s important to hire a professional flooring contractor for the installation process. Doing so will ensure quality results. 

Is Resilient Flooring Right for You?

Your flooring company can help you decide whether resilient flooring materials are right for you, but there are several factors to consider. Many homeowners will choose vinyl or linoleum flooring to cut costs. Both of these flooring types can match the appearance of hardwood or tile. 

Durability is another major perk of resilient flooring. If you have young children or pets, linoleum or vinyl can be a great swap for non-resilient materials. These surfaces are more resistant to wear and tear, and you won’t need to spend much time on maintenance. Resilient flooring can also be an excellent option for businesses, especially if you’re handling industrial materials or anticipating consistent foot traffic. 

Keep in mind that, as with any flooring material, it’s important to choose a quality product when opting for resilient flooring. Your flooring company can help you select a product that supports your needs. 

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