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Pros and Cons of Paying by the Square Foot or by the Room

Ordering flooring materials is the first step toward enjoying a beautiful new floor. The flooring company will likely take care of the ordering process for you, but is it better to pay for flooring installation by the square foot or by the room? Here are some pros and cons to consider. 

What Is the Difference Between Paying by Room and by the Square Foot?”

Paying by the Square Foot

When paying for a floor by the square foot, you’ll purchase the exact quantity of materials that you need. During hardwood flooring installation, for example, the flooring company would measure the room and order hardwood planks according to these measurements. You would then pay for the cost of these materials. However, there are some factors to consider when choosing this approach. 

  • Pros: The main perk of paying for flooring by the square foot is precision. You’re only paying for the materials that you need without much excess. This may be the preferred approach for homeowners on a budget. It can also be helpful if you’re installing more expensive materials like commercial tile flooring. 

  • Cons: Paying for flooring installation by the square foot may leave less room for error. If you have an exact quantity of plank flooring tiles and several split, this can set back the installation process and increase labor costs. 

Buying flooring materials in bulk and paying by square footage is a popular option, but some homeowners and businesses may prefer to pay by the room. 

Paying by the Room

Flooring companies will often offer per-room pricing. In this pricing model, homeowners or companies elect to pay a blanket price for a specific room. For example, you would pay a flat rate for carpet installation in your living room. As with paying by the square foot, there are a few factors to consider 

  • Pros: The main benefit of paying for a flooring project by the room is flexibility. The flooring company will order the materials you need, provide the labor, and ensure quality results all for a flat price. You won’t need to worry about measurements or calculations. While you might end up paying more up front, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the contractors will order extra materials if necessary. 

  • Cons: When paying by the room, you risk paying for extra materials that the contractor doesn’t end up using. This approach can also be tricky when installing flooring in an irregularly-shaped area, like an entryway, hallway, stairway, or entire home floor. This approach can also be tricky for materials like tile, since you need to order by the square foot anyway. Your flooring company may recommend paying by the room for materials like carpet. 

When deciding which approach is best for your flooring project, think about the specific flooring material and timeline for the installation. Paying by the square foot typically makes more sense when ordering materials like tiles or plank flooring, but paying by the room can be a great option for office carpet or commercial floor coverings

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