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Reasons to Go Shoeless in Your Home

There’s something almost intimate about walking barefoot. It implies a certain level of trust with your surroundings. You’re not concerned about harming your feet, or anything from the elements. And if there’s one place you absolutely should be able to put your guard down, it’s at your own home. Here are some ways to ensure your home’s flooring can support your comfort.

It Gives Your Feet a Chance to Get to Know Your Floors

Floors affect more than just our visual sense. Obviously, feel is also something you must consider, especially if your home contains children, pets, or elderly people. When shopping for the perfect flooring, you’ll want to make sure that it isn’t susceptible to slips, but is also smooth and comfortable for the foot. You’ll want to ensure kids and elderly people are safe to walk on the floor with minimal liability while also investing in flooring isn’t easily affected by traffic, especially from furry friends. If you’re looking at residential carpeting, slips aren’t really an issue, but wear and tear might be if not properly maintained. Not to mention, it may be more difficult to keep clean depending on traffic volume and who lives in your home. 

If you are able to walk on your potential future flooring before investing, this is an excellent way to truly decide what is right for you. Walking around on the floors in your home, skin-to-surface, is arguably the best way to really get to know your floors, and all its imperfections. It’s actually a great early-warning sign for hardwood flooring, as you will be more sensitive to spots that could crack, warp or bow in the coming days. You may also feel water damage, which can be difficult to spot in small doses. 

The Flooring Material Is Comfortable

The main reason people install carpeting in their homes is comfort. It’s plain and simple. Residential carpeting is guaranteed to ease some of the burdens of walking, either by reducing the amount of stress in the ankle and other areas of the foot, or something more primal, like it just feels nice. Many of the materials used in luxury residential carpeting are among the softest and most sought after materials. It might seem indulgent to install something like a cashmere carpet in your home, but imagine how your day is going to feel after starting it off with something so soft and glorious underfoot, especially if you’re mature or have joint or foot issues. 

Floors Can Help with Temperature Control

One of the other reasons you should walk around barefoot more often at home is because it can help your body adjust to the temperature of the space! Hardwood flooring can stay cooler longer, so great for the summer. Carpeting can reduce that shocking first cold step you take during the winter months. Even in a place such as Nashville, with its humidity and its mild winters, there are still plenty of chilly days. Either flooring option is ideal.  

If you’re still wearing shoes and socks at home, there’s a good chance it’s time to replace the floors. Get something you’d be proud to walk barefoot on. And if you’re not sure what that floor looks like, it’s time to call the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey!

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