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Choosing a Flooring Material: When to Splurge

When it comes to construction, interior design or any other cost-heavy project causes concern for those hoping to save money. Some may look for the cheapest option that still provides a certain baseline of quality, without looking to see if a higher-cost item might be worth it in the long run. Flooring materials are no different, and as such, many Nashville residents are missing out on quality products. 

How to Properly Budget Floors

When You Should Splurge

It is nice to splurge every so often; it’s even better when you know you’re going to be getting your money’s worth. For hardwood flooring, you could splurge by spending a lot of  money on an exotic species of wood, such as Tigerwood, because you like the look and feel of the product. You could also splurge on a different style of hardwood floor that’s much more durable, such as Brazilian Cherry, which is one of the strongest and most durable woods in the world. If you can afford to splurge on your floors, then do so, because you’re getting a floor you love (something the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey are big fans of) or because you’re getting a floor that could last for centuries. 

When Not to Splurge

It’s generally not a good idea to spend money if you don’t have it, or if there’s another perfectly acceptable replacement of what you’d like, at a much lower price point. Let’s say you want hardwood flooring in your home or office, but you can’t quite afford it. It doesn’t mean you cannot install hardwood flooring, but it does mean it’s probably not the right time to splurge on it. Instead, look at something such as engineered hardwood flooring, which is a top layer made from the wood of your choice on top of multiple layers of a lower quality wood. Another example would be to use laminate flooring, a very popular material that can be styled to look like many other types of following, including hardwood. 

What to Splurge On

Now you know when you should and should not spend money on, but what are the best flooring options to splurge on? Luxury residential carpeting is at the top of the list. It has luxury in the name for a reason, and the moment your foot hits the top of the immensely soft wool, you’ll be glad you spent the extra money. On the other hand, splurging on something such as a brand new hardwood floor is another great idea, since you know the wood will last for a long time. It might be a bit of a splurge at the beginning, but it’s really more of an investment in your future. If you own your home and think you might want to sell at some time in the future, then such a decision could increase the value of your home, justifying a splurge. 

Flooring materials greatly vary in terms of quality and cost, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with the cheapest or most logical option each time. If you find something that you love, call the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey, and they will work with you to make sure it happens!

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