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Qualities of A Rubber Floor

It might not be as well-loved as other flooring materials, such as hardwood flooring or residential carpeting, but rubber flooring is a rising star in the flooring world. Because of the rise in home gyms, or parents recognizing the safety benefits, rubber flooring is finding its way into more and more homes and businesses, for a good reason.

What to Know About Rubber Floors

Rubber Flooring Very Durable

RIght out of the gate, rubber flooring is among the most durable and resilient flooring materials that you can install in your home or office. Its inherently elastic material stretches and moves with whatever is causing pressure on the floor. That means you don’t have to worry about the everyday wear and tear that walking on surfaces creates. Because of its durability, it’s an excellent flooring choice for areas where people spend a lot of time on their feet, like a bank or behind the cash register at a clothing store. Rubber flooring also deals with water and moisture better than most other flooring materials since the water doesn’t make its way into the subsurface. In fact, the only water damage is if the water seeps into the glue used to bind the rubber floors to the actual floorboards. 

Rubber Flooring is Environmentally-Friendly

One of the most underrated aspects of rubber flooring is how environmentally-friendly the material is. Rubber Flooring is created by harvesting the raw material from rubber trees in such a way so as not to harm the natural ecosystem. Compare this with how hardwood flooring is made by cutting down trees, or how cork flooring is made by drilling directly into the core of the tree. Beyond that, however, a lot of rubber flooring is made from recycled tires and other reclaimed rubber items. It’s far better for these materials to be turned into flooring of your home or office instead of sitting in waste or landfill. Since construction costs can be a bit pricey in Nashville, this is a nice way to save money. 

Rubber Flooring Will Save You Time

One of the best things about rubber flooring is how little maintenance is required on your part. When compared with other flooring materials, such as commercial carpeting or laminate flooring, rubber looks even better. Rubber flooring doesn’t require a lot of attention, just a regular vacuuming or mopping. 

Keep in mind rubber flooring has a tendency to hold on to dirt, especially if the flooring is in a room with a lot of foot traffic. It is important to note that you don’t need to use cleaning agents on rubber flooring, since it will eat into the surface. So, be sure to use only warm water and soap. Since rubber flooring doesn’t need dedicated cleaning as much as the other materials, you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning. 

Rubber flooring is probably not the top of the list of materials you think of when installing floors. Don’t miss out on one of the most eco-friendly materials and a material that doesn’t need to be looked after very often. If that sounds like something that you’d like in your home or office, then call the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey today!

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