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How to Protect Floors From Summer Foot Traffic

Protecting the floors in your business or home is difficult any time of the year, but with many areas picking up with tourism, or families having people over while the kids are out of school,  it is especially difficult during the summer time. In addition to more wear and tear, the rising heat and humidity means you need to keep an eye on your floors for signs of moisture damage. 

What to Know About Summer’s Impact on Floors

Why the Summer is Worse for Your Floors

There is no denying that summertime in Nashville is hot and humid. Even if you crank the AC unit, the floors could still be in danger if you don’t pay attention to the humidity levels. Not having the correct humidity levels will lead to cracking and warping in hardwood floors, and can lead to a buildup of mold and harmful irritants in commercial carpeting. But that’s not the only thing to be concerned with. The harsh sunlight will impact the floors as well. Both hardwood flooring and carpeting will fade and see other discoloration concerns if left alone. It’s recommended to use rugs and floor mats on hardwood or laminate flooring. For commercial carpeting there are specific shampoos you can use that will help protect against harmful UV rays. 

Tracking Dirt and Sand Across Your Floors

The amount of dirt and sand you track in after enjoying traditional summer activities, such as going to the beach, kayaking, or bringing more guests over, will also take its toll on your floors. Just a tiny amount of sand, spread over the surface of your floors will scratch the surface of most hardwood floors. It might be easy to replace, since hardwood flooring can be sanded smooth and resurfaced, but it’s an unnecessary and expensive hassle. Placing a large rug or floor mat near the door will help catch a lot of the tiny particles, but enough of them will still escape to cause a problem. Regularly cleaning the floors, either through sweeping or vacuuming, will do wonders. Water from days at the beach or on the river is also a concern during the summertime, so be sure to wipe up any spills or excess water right away. 

Redesigning the Flow of Your Place

Another way to protect your floors this summer is by redesigning your home or office. Creating new walkways, especially ones that open up areas of the floor that were previously under large furniture will prolong the life of the floors. The new areas won’t have the wear-and-tear from years of use as a footpath, and the older areas will appreciate the time to rest and recuperate. This option isn’t always the best, since there are some rooms that need to be set-up the way they are regardless–like the kitchen, for example. The strategic usage of rugs can help with this too, and if it’s time for something new, the summer is the best time to make a flooring change. 

The summer can be especially tough on your floors since the harsh sunlight can lead to discoloration, the humidity can cause problems with mold, and traditional summer activities can track in sand and other irritants. By regularly cleaning the floors and changing the layout of your home or office, you can protect them until it’s time to call the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey to make a change!

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