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Hard or Soft? The Big Choice in Flooring

When people think about installing new flooring in their home or office, oftentimes the first thing they decide is whether they want hardwood flooring or residential carpeting. In other words, they are  deciding whether they want hard floors or soft floors, but aren’t always aware of the immense number of options available in both categories.

The Different Floor Texture Options

Hardwood Flooring: Hardly the Only Option

If you need a lot of support in your home or office, if you’re concerned about the amount of weight the floors need to support, or maybe soft floors just aren’t your thing, hardwood flooring seems like it is the best way to go. There is a lot of truth to that since hardwood flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials, and has been for a long time. It’s sturdy, it comes in multiple different colors and species, and it can handle the tough Nashville humidity better than most. Additionally, hardwood flooring is relatively cheap, especially when you can reclaim it from old and run-down buildings. Nothing gives a home or office an air of elegance and respectability better than aged, yet maintained hardwood floors. 

Hardwood flooring is great, but it’s not the only option for hard flooring. Ceramic tiling is another popular option, one you will often find in kitchens and bathrooms. Due to the way these materials handle water and moisture better than anything else, they are known for aesthetic and practical reasons. A stone or concrete floor can also be used to great effect in the right situations and are both very durable and functional options, but also add a unique flair to any space.

Soft Flooring: Carpet is the Resident Champion

With so many options, it may be hard to choose what exactly you want for your home or office. Soft flooring adds even more choices to your floor pallet. Residential carpeting or commercial carpeting are typically the main searches for home and office owners. Residential carpeting is the term that encapsulates the types of carpets you typically find in homes and cover a variety of textures and styles. You can choose from berber carpet, level-loop, cut-piled, textured, and more. Carpet is a great option if you’re sure there is little risk of water damage or moisture, since wet carpet will lead to molding and health concerns. However, proper maintenance and cleaning will solve many of these issues or at least keep them at bay. You can also hire a yearly carpet cleaner to help maintain the beauty of your carpet. 

The Middle Ground

What if you’re looking for something in the middle? Something that won’t bend under the slightest bit of pressure, but can still handle a fair amount of foot-traffic and heavy furniture? Your best bet is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring can be styled to look like hardwood flooring, but it’s not as hard on your foot. There are lots of different types of laminate flooring, including vinyl plank flooring, so you’re bound to find something you like. It also handles water and moisture, two of the biggest killers of floors, better than either hardwood flooring or carpeting, while also offering a lower price tag.

It can be difficult to choose between hard and soft flooring. The best idea might be to contact one of the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey, so they can help you pick out something you’re going to love!

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