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Mostly-Hidden Signs of Flooring Damage

One of the most frustrating things about owning or renting a home or office is that it doesn’t matter how vigilant you are against the dangers lurking around every corner if the damage has already been done, in a place you cannot see. This is the greatest issue with flooring, since the majority of the serious damage your floors could receive is under the surface. Luckily the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey know a thing or two about floors, and what to look out for. 

What to Know About Floor Damage

Moisture Kills Flooring

The number one killer of flooring is moisture and water. It doesn’t matter if it’s hardwood flooring, residential carpeting, or a material that is supposed to be waterproof, such as laminate flooring.  Once moisture gets under the surface, it will ruin the floor in unexpected ways. For example, it might take some time before the moisture that comes from the humidity in the air in a place like Nashville to really set in and get to work on a hardwood flooring — at least before you notice anything visually. It might start with a smell — the sort of musty, moldy smell usually associated with basements. If this is something you’ve been experiencing, you’ll want to investigate further. With hardwood flooring, be on the lookout for things like cupping, warping or cracking, which are all visual signs of moisture damage. Other signs include the discoloration of the floor’s finish. 

Pests Will Get In

A really good indicator of whether your flooring is suffering damage from moisture or water is the presence of pests. Termites, for example, love living in and eating hardwood flooring with a bit of moisture in it already. You will find ants and mosquitos also love these kinds of environments, due to the insect life cycle. If you noticed an uptick in the amount of creepy crawlies in your home, then check the flooring. Chances are there’s a problem with the flooring, and the insects are using it as their new home. This isn’t a problem limited to those with hardwood floors, either; bugs can get in and live in residential carpeting, and if the cut of the top is higher than standard carpeting, there’s a good chance you won’t notice it until it’s too late. Similarly, Carpeting will lock onto mold and other allergens, so keep an eye on your allergies too. 

Water-Proof Doesn’t Always Mean Water-Proof

Many flooring materials will market themselves as being water-proof, even though that might not necessarily be true. Even if it does handle water better than most other flooring materials, such as laminate flooring, it doesn’t mean it’s free from the dangers of moisture and water. Laminate flooring might be up to the task on the surface, but water can leak from beneath the laminate flooring, such as in the case of a burst pipe. In this situation, the water is attacking the flooring materials from bottom. It will get in and eat away at the sealing, which can lead to bubbling and will probably require you to replace the floor. 

In the world of flooring, many dangers lurk. They’re not always on the surface, which is why you must be vigilant and ready for anything. And when the time comes for the battle to be over and you want to replace your flooring, the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey are ready to help!

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