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Home Flooring: How to Choose the Right Flooring Type for Each Room

No matter how attached you are to the flooring in your home, deciding to get rid of it is the easy part. The difficult part is actually deciding what to replace the flooring with, and this becomes more difficult as time goes by and more manufacturers flood the market with top shelf products. 

The Best Floor Types for Each Room

The Kitchen and the Bathroom: Water Warriors

While there are some flooring materials that can be used in pretty much every room, each material does have a specific function it is better at than the others. For most rooms it’s not really a big concern, since most flooring materials tend to be multi-functional these days, but don’t be careless in the kitchen and the bathroom. Water and moisture is the number one killer of flooring materials, thanks to the way it can seep its way beneath the surface and cause serious problems. When choosing the flooring materials for this room, make sure you get something that is up to the task. The best flooring materials for handling water and moisture probably live in the vinyl and laminate flooring family, since they are right on the verge of being considered water-proof and can be styled to look like almost anything, including hardwood flooring. 

The Bedroom: Comfort is King

When it comes to the bedrooms it is all about comfort. You want the coziest sheets, the most comfortable pillows, and you want that feeling to extend to the floor when your foot touches it first thing in the morning. There are a couple of options, including Hardwood flooring. They are several types of hardwood flooring that are softer than the name would imply, including pine wood flooring, and other, softer options, including bamboo flooring. But if comfort is the only thing you’re concerned with, look no further than residential carpeting. Thanks to the advancements in flooring technology, there’s even less of a concern over moisture in most carpeting these days, even in a place like Nashville. There are so many different varieties of carpets, from short-loom to plush pillow top, you’re bound to find something you love. 

Entertaining in the Rest of the Home

Figuring out what kind of flooring should go in the rest of your home can be a bit tricky, since it really depends on what you will be using the rooms for. But if you’re not sure yourself, then hardwood flooring is absolutely the way to go. For one thing, it looks elegant and classy in any room. It’s flexible enough it can support a dinner party, spills and all, without adding additional stress. Throw a nice rug over the top of it and you have the perfect flooring for a cozy den. Hardwood flooring allows you to control the look and feel of any room it is installed in, thanks to the sheer number of colors and the options for the size of the planks it comes in. 

What kind of flooring you have in your rooms says a lot about what you want from that room, and that’s before you factor how well a material can handle the requirements of that room. If that sounds a bit tough, then your best bet is to call the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey!

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