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Rooms that Look Timeless After Plank Flooring Installation

One of the best things about the world of flooring is the way that one material can appear to be one thing, when it actually is something else. For example, many people love the look and feel of a room with hardwood flooring, but there are multiple flooring materials that create that look and feel, and they all feel timeless.

What to Know About Plank Flooring

What Make Plank Flooring So Special

Plank flooring, as you might imagine from the name, is any kind of flooring material cut into wide planks and installed in such a way that it appears to be hardwood flooring. Usually this means the floor is in fact hardwood flooring, but it also can be vinyl plank flooring or laminate plank flooring. One of the main reasons this particular style is so popular is the way the planks can change the perception of a room. The wider the plank the more open the room is going to feel, even if it is one of the smaller, newer places you see popping up in Nashville these days. Consequently, if the space of the room the floor is to be installed in is too large, a smaller size plank will help to make the room feel cozier. Beyond the size of the plank, the flooring style helps to make any room feel more classic, since plank flooring is one of the oldest styles of flooring still in use. 

Why You Should Install Plank Flooring

Plank flooring, regardless of the material used, is durable. Hardwood flooring, if properly maintained, can last for centuries. It is why you see so many places in Nashville save the wood from older buildings; it’s so the wood can be refinished and used again as flooring. Vinyl and laminate plank flooring are not as long lasting as regular hardwood flooring, but they do offer more protection against water and moisture, two of the biggest killers of floors in the world. Additionally, one of the best things about plank flooring is that if an individual board is damaged, you can just replace that one. You don’t have to replace the entire floor the way you might have to if it were residential or commercial carpeting. Generally speaking, plank flooring is one of the best flooring options out there, since it comes in a number of styles and colors. 

Rooms That Need Plank Flooring

A nice plank floor isn’t something you want to hide away in a basement; it is something you show off proudly in your main living room or dining room. Thanks to the number of color and styling options, you can use your floor to control the look of the room where it is installed. For that reason any room that sees a lot of time and guests would be an ideal place for plank flooring, since they come in a number of shapes and sizes. A  master bedroom could also benefit from the timeless look of a plank floor, adding an air of class and taste to any dwelling. 

Due to the versatility in design, shape and color, plank flooring is one of the most used tools in the interior designer’s box. It’s perfect for most rooms, and thanks to the way it is installed, can actually minimize the damage the floor might normally get from water and moisture. It’s the perfect option to make a normal room look timeless and classic, and it’s the perfect reason to talk to the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey!

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