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Rooms in Nashville Homes That Use Acoustic Ceilings

When people talk about the sounds of Nashville, generally speaking they are talking about the particularly on-brand style of country music found everywhere, from the dive bars on the East Side to the honky tonks lining the streets of Broadway. They are not talking about the sounds coming from their neighbor’s places, thanks to the wonders of in-home acoustic ceiling tiles. 

What to Know About Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are More Common Than You Might Think 

Since most people think of the white, plaster tiles commonly found in places such as public schools or most office buildings, they tend to think that it has no place in the home, or anywhere people with “style” congregate. That is not the truth, and these same people have probably been in many homes with acoustic ceiling tiles without even realizing it. That is because these days you can get them in almost any color or style you can think of. It’s one of the best things about acoustic ceiling tiles, since your sense of design won’t be hampered or limited to a dull, off-white color. That’s not the main selling point of course; having professionals like the ones here at Ozburn-Hessey install a new acoustic ceiling in your home will do wonders for your ability to control the flow of sound and the temperature in your home. But which rooms are best suited for them?


Living with Acoustic Ceiling Tiles in Your Living Room

The best place to install acoustic ceiling tiles in your home is the living room, especially if it is on the main floor. The main floor of your home is probably the busiest. It’s where you watch TV, maybe eat dinner, and catch up with your family. There’s a lot of stuff happening there, so having the ability to dampen the sound waves and absorb as much as possible before they travel to other parts of the home sounds pretty nice. On the other hand, if you’re in your bedroom trying to sleep at night but someone is downstairs watching TV, the acoustic ceiling tiles and their sound dampening abilities will be welcome by both parties. For this reason they also are great ideas for apartments. Combine an acoustic ceiling with a hardwood floor and you have the makings of total sound control, before you even make any noise. 

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are Great Downstairs

Basements, although less common in Nashville than other places, are another great area for acoustic ceiling tiles. The sound controlling properties are welcome here too, but they also help you clean the ceiling, which often can be visually unappealing, covered in industrial tubing and duct work. This is important stuff that still needs to be somewhat accessible, which is why a suspended drop ceiling is a smart decision. It gives you the ability to hide what you don’t want to see, but still get to it in a jiffy. The ceilings will also help you control the levels of humidity, by regulating the temperatures in the room. Since moisture and temperature are important factors in the health of the floor, this is important. 

Acoustic ceiling tiles are a wonderful option for most homes, since they come in different styles and colors. They help drown and absorb unwanted sounds, and can help you regulate the temperatures in your homes. And when you’re ready to install them in your home, Ozburn-Hessey will be there to help you too!

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