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Cushion Flooring: How to Make a Decision about Installation

One of the great things about certain types of flooring materials is how easily they can be installed. Now, obviously this will depend on how handy you are with tools, and if you have ever attempted something like this before. Since it is something you could potentially handle yourself, you need to really ask yourself— is this something I want to do?

What to Know About Cushion Flooring

What is Cushion Flooring?

Before you decide about whether you are going to install the flooring yourself or have one of the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey do it for you, it is a good idea to know a little bit about the product. Cushion flooring usually does not refer to a specific type of flooring, but rather to any kind of flooring that is soft under your feet. When someone uses that term to refer to something specific, they tend to mean vinyl sheet flooring. Vinyl sheet flooring is different than regular vinyl plank flooring, with the main difference being that one of them is a sheet you roll across the floor and the other is a series of planks you place, like how hardwood flooring is installed. This material is a bit thicker than most vinyl floors you have seen in Nashville, with one of the main benefits being that it is totally waterproof. 

What are the Benefits of Cushion Flooring?

In addition to being totally impervious to water and moisture, cushion flooring, as the name implies, is also one of the most comfortable flooring materials on the market. If you’ve never walked on it previously, it’s very similar to the type of flooring you find in a wrestling gym. Because of this, it is an ideal flooring for playrooms for the kids or home gyms. It also is good material for most basements, since that’s where the moisture and water is going to be a problem. Although it does come in multiple styles, it might be too thick for a room that will see a lot of regular foot traffic, as the flooring can sag in places over time. Another benefit is that there is very little maintenance involved. Simply washing it with warm, soapy water should be good enough for most of the time. 

How is Cushion Flooring Installed?

Before you decide whether you want to install the cushion flooring yourself, you might want to know something about how the floor is installed. There are multiple strategies that will accomplish this. They essentially all revolve around unrolling the flooring material, letting it reach the appropriate temperature, then applying an adhesive to the subfloor. How much adhesive you apply depends on what kind of installation you’re trying to achieve. Some rooms, especially smaller ones, will be fine with smaller patches of adhesive, such as in the doorways and along the perimeter of the rooms. Other larger rooms might require an application of the adhesive across the entire surface of the floor. 

Cushion flooring is one of the best flooring materials available for some rooms, and it is one of the easiest flooring materials to install yourself. But if you want to make sure the job is done right, make sure to contact Ozburn-Hessey for all your flooring needs.

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