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Laminate Wood Flooring or Hardwood Floors: How to Decide

Hardwood flooring is one of the oldest materials used in our homes and offices. Laminate plank flooring is a relatively newer material, but no less popular in modern times. Because of advancements in the world of flooring, making the decision between the two is a much tougher decision than you might think. The similarities between the two materials are close, and each has something unique to offer. 

Should You Get Laminate Floors or Hardwood Floors?

Why You Should Choose Laminate Plank Flooring

Laminate plank flooring is one of the rising stars of the flooring world. The main draw of the material, and reason why many are installing it in their homes and offices, is because of its versatility. Laminate plank flooring is arguably the most water-resistant material available right now, outside of something like ceramic tiling. If you’ve regularly visited this blog, or are aware of the effects of moisture, then you know how important a feature this is. One of the other major factors that causes people to pick laminate flooring is the price, as laminate plank flooring is among the cheapest options. The combination of price point and water-resistance is part of the reason you will often see laminate plank flooring in apartment buildings. 

Why You Should Choose Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the standards for a reason, primarily durability. If properly maintained, hardwood can last in the home or office longer than you do, thanks to the way it can be resurfaced.  Although this isn’t something Nashville residents have to worry about very often, the hardwood flooring does a nice job of insulating heat, meaning you won’t have to worry about cold feet when you get out of bed in the morning. Another attractive aspect of hardwood flooring is the sheer number of styles available. Hardwood flooring is a bit of a misnomer in that regard, as several of the species of trees used to create hardwood flooring are, well, soft.

How Can You Pick Between the Two?

Both are attractive options, right? Making this decision comes down to one important thing: what is the purpose of the room where you plan to install it? For example, if you’re planning on putting new flooring in the kitchen, then laminate plank flooring is the obvious answer, because of the way it handles moisture and potential spills. But if this is going to be in the main foyer of your new office building, then hardwood flooring is the correct decision. Hardwood flooring lends a sense of legitimacy and elegance in a way that laminate plank flooring cannot. Both materials are ripe for DIY-floor installation. Knowing what you need from your flooring will help you determine which of these two materials is the correct one for your project. 

Laminate Plank Flooring and Hardwood flooring are among the most durable flooring options, and both have a lot of styles to choose from. They can each work in a lot of the same situations, but it really depends on how much you value authenticity and need to protect against moisture. Choosing the material is only the first step; for everything that comes next, the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey are here to help.

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