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Restaurant Ceilings: How They Can Help with Acoustics and Atmosphere

Here at Ozburn-Hessey, we spend a lot of time thinking about floors. But that doesn’t mean our eyes are always looking down. Ceilings can have as big an impact on the feel of your home or building as what is below. 

Specifically, the kind of ceiling you use in your restaurant says a lot about the kind of place it is. Installing the right ceiling in your restaurant can help create the right atmosphere and acoustics to perfectly match your vision.

Best Ceilings for a Restaurant

Acoustic Ceilings Sound Great Inside

One of the best parts about having acoustic ceilings installed in your restaurant is the way they handle sound. There are a couple different variants of acoustic ceilings, but they all have the ability to muffle sound waves. 

Restaurants tend to be noisy places, so having a material that prevents sounds from traveling is key. Most people would agree that eating somewhere where you can clearly make out what is happening in the kitchen is not ideal, which is why having an acoustic ceiling is a good idea. 

Additionally, some ceiling tiles are created with the goal of minimizing the amount of sound waves that will travel between floors and other rooms, making it a great idea for spaces that share a building. Because let’s face it: while the idea of living above a bar or restaurant is cool, it won’t be if you can hear everything happening below you. 

Acoustic Ceilings Can Have a Positive Effect on Your Business

In a place like Nashville where seemingly every place has live music, you want to make sure it sounds good. It doesn’t matter if you’ve discovered the next big star if no one can hear them play. 

Since acoustic ceilings will dampen the regular chatter from your guests, they will be able to hear the music better. A restaurant that is known for how the music sounds is going to attract better musicians, which will in turn attract more people and guests, making your business that much more successful. 

Also, with an acoustic ceiling you don’t have to worry about the music being too overpowering, allowing your guests to choose how much they want to be a part of the night’s entertainment. 

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Can Be Styled to Look Like Anything

Much like laminate plank flooring, acoustic ceiling tiles can be made to look like anything. You don’t have to be stuck with the traditional popcorn-looking ceilings, so there’s no need to fear little bits of ceiling floating down to land in your guests’ food. 

The look of the ceiling can also be used to control the size and feel of your restaurant environment. If you want something to look smaller and cozier, then you can use a darker shade on the ceiling. On the other hand, if you want to make a smaller space look larger, go with a lighter shade. However you want your space to feel, you can achieve this through the use of acoustic ceiling tiles. 

Acoustic ceiling tiles are a great way to control the look and feel of your restaurant, while also giving you a way to keep a handle on the sounds coming from within. A flooring and ceiling company, Ozburn-Hessey is here to help with what is above and below – and that includes acoustic ceiling projects.

At Ozburn-Hessey, we strive to make sure our acoustic ceiling installations measure up to the highest standards of visual aesthetics and sound quality. Contact us today for an acoustic ceiling estimate and information about other flooring and ceiling projects.

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