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Pros and Cons of Tongue and Groove Laminate Flooring

The flooring industry is full of a variety of choices when it comes to style. If you want hardwood flooring, there are a multitude of variations to pick from. Carpeting comes with residential and commercial options, with different styles in each category. 

Even something as relatively straightforward as laminate plank flooring has multiple styles to choose from. This brings us to tongue and groove flooring, a unique and popular laminate option.

What to Know About Tongue and Groove Floors

What Is Tongue and Groove Laminate Flooring?

Tongue and groove laminate flooring is a specific type of laminate flooring. The tongue and groove part refers to the way it is installed. The pieces snap together, making it a particularly easy floor installation option. Laminate flooring is usually installed by gluing it to the sub-flooring, but this can be messy and a bit more difficult to install since you have to make sure everything is level. 

Laminate flooring is made of layers of synthetic materials, including resin and fiber board. Generally speaking, it’s one of the cheaper flooring materials on the market in terms of cost. If you are planning on installing it yourself, the cost of your flooring project will drop even further, making it a very attractive option for those looking to save a little money.

Would Tongue and Groove Flooring Be a Good Idea in My Home?

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for from your floor. The main reason people install tongue and groove flooring in their homes is due to its affordability and ability to handle day-to-day stresses and wear. 

Due to the laminating process which fuses all of the layers together, laminate flooring is one of the best materials for dealing with water and moisture. This is why it’s frequently found in kitchens; it takes a lot of time under water before it gets serious damage. As with all flooring, the sooner you can clean up a spill the better, but it will not be the end of the world if you don’t get to it right away. 


The main knock against tongue and groove flooring has to do with the main enemy of all flooring: moisture. Because of the way the flooring is installed with one piece clicking into the next one, moisture will cause the pieces to grow and shrink as the seasons and humidity levels change. This is not ideal in a place like Nashville where there is an excess of humidity in the air on a regular basis. 

Furthermore, if the flooring is not installed correctly, there will be gaps, meaning water has an opportunity to seep into the subflooring. This is when you get molding problems. Even a small amount can lead to respiratory issues. One way to get around this problem is to have the flooring installed professionally by Ozburn-Hessey, but this will cost more. 

Tongue and groove flooring is a great option for someone who wants to save money by doing the installation themselves. When properly installed, this flooring option is a great alternative to hardwood flooring since it can be styled to look like anything. 

For answers to any and all flooring questions, talk to the professionals at Ozburn-Hessey.

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