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Restaurant Flooring That’s Easy and Beautiful

Picking out the flooring for your new restaurant can be a little more difficult than at other locations, simply because there are more technical concerns. You obviously want something that is going to look nice, but you don’t want a floor that needs a lot of maintenance either. There must be something to meet these requirements, right? Luckily, there are a couple of different options.

Different Types of Restaurant Floors

Hardwood Flooring: The Natural Choice

If you’ve been to any of the newer restaurants that have popped up during the last decade in Nashville, then you know that minimalism is in. One way to achieve this look while also checking off certain safety requirements is to use hardwood flooring. It looks gorgeous and it can be styled in a number of ways. If you get a denser, harder wood such as oak or birch, you won’t have to worry about the floors getting nicked or scratched. These particular woods can handle the heavy foot traffic at your restaurant. The darker colors will hide the stains and spills that are sure to accumulate, and since there aren’t any nooks, crannies, or other tiny little places for crumbs to drop, cleaning is a breeze. Make sure to clean up any spills right away, however, since these are always a slipping hazard.

Vinyl and Laminate Plank Flooring: The Budget-Friendly Option

Another material that you can use is a combination of vinyl and laminate plank flooring. Why choose this for your restaurant? Because vinyl and laminate handle water like a champ. Water gets everywhere in a restaurant, especially in the kitchen. It’s very important that you install something that is not going to break down after a couple weeks of repeated exposure to water and moisture. Both vinyl and laminate plank flooring can be styled to look like almost anything, so if you want to install hardwood flooring but can’t make it work in your budget, install plank flooring and no one will be able to tell the difference. Both materials are a good deal cheaper than most hardwood floorings, so it really is the best option if you have a tight budget.

What about Carpeting?

Commercial carpeting does have its place in the restaurant; it simply depends on the vibe you’re looking to create. If you want to give off a homestyle family vibe, then consider working carpet into your place. For restaurant carpeting, you’ll want something that’s really low to the ground, so avoid all plush tops and anything with a loom-weave to it. These will help you avoid accidents. As you think about cleaning, remember that crumbs love to hide in carpeting.

At Ozburn-Hessey, we recommend using commercial-grade carpeting near the entryway, or near the host station, before transitioning to a different flooring option. It’s nice to greet your customers with soft flooring under their feet.

Picking out the right flooring is key, and it’s especially important in the restaurant business. Do your research first, figure out your priorities, and then talk to the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey to make it happen.

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