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Does Your Restaurant Need New Flooring?

Knowing when to get rid of something is incredibly difficult, which is why there are so many self-help books and podcasts about decluttering or removing unnecessary things from your life. Though many restaurant owners would prefer not to think about it, it is vital to know when it is time to get rid of your flooring. This is especially true in the Nashville and greater middle Tennessee area, which has recently seen a lot of flooding. Let’s take a look at a few important factors.

How to Know You Need New Restaurant Floors

Is Your Restaurant Floor Safe?

The first thing you should take into account when deciding if you need new flooring in your restaurant is safety. Restaurants can be more dangerous than many people realize, so adding an unsafe floor into the mix is like adding baking soda to vinegar – it might just blow up in your face.

While every flooring material has its own unique issues and dangers, restaurants with traditional hardwood flooring are particularly susceptible to making life more difficult. All it takes is a little unattended moisture and the floorboards will begin to bow or warp. This results in an uneven surface – and even if you’ve never tried to carry anything liquid on a platter across an uneven floor, walking on such a surface is not fun. Make sure your flooring is safe, otherwise it’s time to get a new floor.

Is Your Restaurant Floor Healthy?

This is related to the first point. Certain kinds of flooring can result in health risks if they are not maintained properly. This includes commercial carpeting, laminate plank flooring, and other floors that contain organic materials. If moisture is allowed to fester in these places, mold will grow and eventually cause serious health risks. As far as restaurants are concerned, mold will likely grow on the floor near where the dishes are washed since that area gets the least amount of cleaning and the highest amount of water spillage. Additionally, commercial carpeting can trap and hold allergens and pet hair, creating respiratory problems for guests.

Do you Like the Way the Flooring in Your Restaurant Looks?

The look and feel of your restaurant significantly determined by the flooring. If you don’t like the way your restaurant looks, it might be time for a flooring change. Flooring manufacturers are willing to bend over backwards to give customers they want, which means you don’t have to compromise on your flooring goals. If you want something that looks like traditional hardwood flooring without the potential dangers and concerns, there are many flooring options available for you, including laminate and vinyl plank flooring.

Replacing the floor in your restaurant can be a scary prospect because of the time and money you’ll have to sink into it. But if your current flooring has potential health or safety concerns, it might be a good time to call the professionals at Ozburn-Hessey. We’re available to answer any questions you might have and to set up a new flooring installation today.

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