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Forecasting the Future: 2019 Flooring Trends

Are you looking to add some new flooring to your home in 2019? Whether you have total reconstruction in mind or simply a new look for an old room, there’s never been a better time to do think about new flooring than 2019. Many new flooring ideas have come up in the past few years and these trends are continuing their upward trajectory in the coming year. Here is a list of some of the hot new flooring trends for 2019.

Eco-Friendly Flooring is Good for You and Good for the World

As in previous years, expect more and more manufacturers to continue finding new and inventive ways to create products that are better for customers and better for the environment. This movement toward a greener industry has been embraced by companies working with many different kinds of materials. You’ll be able to find an eco-friendly option for residential carpeting, traditional hardwood, vinyl plank flooring, and more. If you’re looking for an especially eco-friendly flooring, look no further than cork or bamboo. Cork is harvested from the core of a tree, so there’s no need to cut a tree down to harvest the materials. Bamboo trees, on the other hand, grow back faster than pretty much every other tree.

Hardwood Looks Great in Surprising Places

Thanks to the versatility and design possibilities opened by the proliferation of vinyl and laminate plank flooring options, one trend you should expect to see more and more in the coming year is what looks like traditional hardwood flooring in places where you often would not see it. For example, because of the excessive amounts of water that can spill onto the floor, seep into the subflooring, and rot the wood, hardwood flooring is not often seen in the bathroom (with the exception of older houses, of which there are a lot in Nashville). However, laminate and vinyl plank flooring is nearly indistinguishable from real hardwood flooring and is a great option for bathrooms in any part of your home.

Shades on the Spectrum

Where color is concerned, expect more shades of black, grey, and white. Consumers are still shying away from bold color choices for their flooring – or perhaps they are appreciating the way that blacks, whites, or greys allow a degree of control over how the size of the room is perceived. These shades work amazingly well with pretty much every color imaginable. With their help, the designs available for rooms are endless.

2019 expects to be a year where a lot of trends we’ve started to see in flooring will only continue to grow and expand. If you want to get ahead of the curve, now is the time to start planning your new floors. The professionals at Ozburn-Hessey are on top of the latest trends and are ready to help you with any flooring questions you may have. Give us a call for all your flooring needs – from picking out the right material at the beginning of the process all the way through to flooring installation.

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