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Three Reasons to Have Carpet in Your Home

In this modern day and age, we often get away from the classics in an effort to make things feel fresh and new. This is not a bad thing, but classic status is earned for a reason and we shouldn’t always throw them out – like residential carpeting. It’s starting to fall by the wayside in favor of other materials, such as traditional hardwood flooring or linoleum plank flooring. Carpet does belong in your home, though.

Residential Carpet is More Stylish

Although there have been a lot of developments in making other flooring materials in a variety of styles, none of them come close to what residential carpeting can offer: any color imaginable, in a variety of styles. All of this can be yours. Yes, it is true that carpeting doesn’t really hande moisture that well, but none of the flooring materials can really handle a lot of water.

With that in mind, and since moisture isn’t a huge problem for a lot of the year in the Nashville and Greater Middle Tennessee area, isn’t that enough reason to go with something that’s going to match the colors in the rest of your home? Instead of the darker earth tones that only come with hardwood flooring, go with something with a little bit more flair.

Carpet is Much Better for your Health

This might sound silly, but it is true. Carpet is a lot better for your health in several areas, a fact which is often forgotten in the rush to put something down. For one thing (and this is the most obvious), carpeting of all kinds is a lot better for your feet, knees, and joints. The softer material, combined with the subfloor mats that usually get laid down before the carpet is installed, is so much softer and gentler when you are out walking around. Think about all of the time you spend on your feet at home and what that can do to you legs. You want something with a little bit more cushion underneath. Carpet is also pretty much the best when it comes to trapping allergens. This makes it by far the best option for families that have allergy problems or pets, since the shedded pet hair will get trapped in the carpet instead of roaming free.

Carpet is a Lot Quieter Than the Other Options

Another area in which residential carpeting is better than other materials is in the area of sound reduction. This doesn’t really get brought up a whole lot when it comes to flooring because none of the other materials can offer anything positive. At best they can make your footsteps sound normal, but in the worst case scenarios, they can actually amplify the sounds, turning your home from a quiet and cozy place into a loud and unnerving place. The fibers in most carpeting have a muffling property, making sure that things stay chill regardless of where you are.

Carpeting  has a bit of an unfair reputation these days as a relic from the old days with no place in the modern world. This should not be, since carpet is so much more comfortable, better for you, and it comes in a wide variety of styles. It belongs in your home. If you have any questions or concerns, give the professionals at Ozburn-Hessey a call and they will put your mind at ease.

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