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The Best Flooring for Small Living Spaces

One trend that has been picking up steam recently is the small home or bus lifestyle. With rent as crazy as it is in the Nashville and Greater Middle Tennessee area, a lot of people – generally younger people – are taking advantage of RVs, buses, and other smaller, more mobile living spaces. Of course, in many situations, these homes need a lot of work.

Traditional Hardwood Flooring is Not Always the Best Way to Go

Part of the appeal of living in a small, mobile living space is the way in which it cuts down on costs and overhead. In a lot of scenarios, the costliest items involved after the initial purchase are the materials needed to make everything livable and nice to look at. Yes, traditional hardwood flooring is going to look great in these environments because of the way a lot of the woods make homes look larger, thanks to their lighter tones. On the other hand, traditional hardwood flooring is a lot more expensive than most of the other flooring options. Additionally, wood flooring does not always handle moisture as well as some of the other options. It might be a good idea to have a mixture of traditional hardwood flooring and something else, such as laminate plank flooring.

Residential Carpet Might be a Better Option

Carpet is always tricky to recommend, especially for something like this. On the one hand, residential carpet is going to act as a natural insulator, meaning that the heat is going to stay in the winter. This might not seem like too big of a concern when the temperature is still pushing 90 on a good day, but even in Nashville the weather eventually drops. On the other hand, residential carpeting handles moisture even worse than hardwood flooring does, so if you get a leak in your small living space it will makes things so much worse and cause a lot of frustration when you have to rip it out.  For the best of both worlds, it might be a good idea to have some carpet in an area where you are not concerned about it getting wet.

Laminate Plank Flooring is a Great Option

For the best of all worlds, go with laminate plank flooring. For one thing, it is very affordable and cost-effective. It handles moisture better than just about all other types of flooring material, with the exception of something like ceramic tiles, which you wouldn’t want to have under your feet during the cold winter months anyway. Laminate flooring can be styled in a number of ways, so you can do a mixture of different kinds of flooring without having to worry about styles clashing.

No matter what direction you want to go with the flooring in your small home, the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey will be able to help you not only pick out something that is going to be perfect, but also will help you install it if need be. If you are thinking about making a drastic change to your lifestyle, now is the time – and Ozburn-Hessey is the flooring company to help you do it.

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