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The Pros and Cons of Wool Carpeting in your Home or Office

Nashville, and the Middle Tennessee area in general, is getting warmer as the sun comes out and summer truly gets under way, so it might seem counterintuitive to be thinking of wool. Wool is something that usually conjures images of cold rainy weather, not Nashville in the summer. However everyone can appreciate the benefits the materials offer. It is cozy, locks in the heat, and it looks amazing on your floor. Wait what? No, we do not mean as a pile of clothes in your apartment, but rather as carpeting. Wool carpet is one of life’s great luxuries, something that many are missing out on. At Ozburn-Hessey we don’t want you to miss out on anything, which is why we put together this guide to provide more insight into one of the great wonders of the flooring world

Wool makes for a great residential carpet

In addition to feeling amazing against your feet, wool also offers extreme durability, which isn’t always the first thing you think of when it comes to the benefits of carpet.. Especially when compared to other flooring materials, such as traditional hardwoods like oak and pine or vinyl and laminate plank flooring, wool is a long-lasting textile for your home.. Carpet might seem easily stainable, and easy to ruin, especially the ones with a bit of a luxurious reputation, as wool does. The truth is that even though it is a high-end carpet material, the fabric is actually pretty durable. It stands up to the test of time and retains its shape and texture for a very long time. With wool, you know what you are getting is going to last. It also handles any potential stains with ease, as long as the spot is treated as soon as possible.

Remove the wool from your eyes

On the other hand, all of these benefits come with a cost. Literally in this case, as wool carpeting can come with a hefty price tag, ranking high in the high-end of residential carpeting. Although the specifics depend on which manufacturers you buy from, generally speaking you’re looking at paying about twice as much as a more traditional material, like a nylon or synthetic carpet. Additionally, wool carpeting can hold about 30 percent moisture before it begins to show it. In places with a warm, humid climate like Nashville this helps because the carpet acts as a natural humidifier if the floor is soaked during a flood or in the event of a broken water pipe, it holds that much more water. This can lead to waterlogged floors and moist mildew.

There is a lot to love about wool carpeting, but it also might not be the right choice for some homeowners. The price tag alone might be enough to scare away a lot of customers, but we here at Ozburn-Hessey believe in making smart, informed decisions. Wool carpet is a great choice for your bedroom or office, and our professionals are equipped to take care of your installation process. If all of this sounds like a fantastic fit for your life, then give us a call so we can get started.

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