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Seeing the Future: Upcoming Trends in Hardwoods

One of the best things about flooring is that, for the most part, things tend to stay the same. Obviously there are new inventions and flooring innovations that pop up every now and then, but generally speaking, you can expect what is popular now to still be in style for decades to come. This is a good thing, since otherwise you would have to change the flooring in your home or business far more than anyone would like to. This remains true as far as 2018 concerns you, since there is a mix of the old and the new when it comes to the hottest floor trends. Whether hot or cold trends, new flooring or old flooring, the professionals here at Ozburn-Hessey can install anything.

With that in mind, here is a sneak peek of the most popular trends in flooring for 2018.


The Real Deal

One of the most impressive things that has happened in the world of flooring – one of the innovations that happens every so often – is the way that realistic looking substitutes for hardwood flooring are becoming a better option. Part of that has to do with the way the materials used in these alternative options, such as cork or high-end, luxury vinyl tiling, are so seamless in their replacement. The truth, and this will become abundantly clear as 2018 unfolds, is that the people want real hardwood. Maybe it has to do with the way our species has lived with wood in our lives pretty much since the beginning, but there’s just something about the way wood feels underfoot. And with so many options, so many different kinds of hardwoods with which to make your floors out of, why would you choose anything else?

As a whole, design seems to be moving (and in many cases is already totally on board) toward a simplistic and cleaner look. This can also be seen with what trends are becoming more and more popular, like wider planks, simpler layouts and more rustic looks. It helps that these are pretty timeless looks, and will last for as long as the wood itself.

Hues of a Feather

This minimalist approach is also true with the color selections that will be at the top of the charts come 2018, since more and more people are choosing simple, yet complex, whites and darks. Both shadow and light have the potential to come across as elegant or more laid back, depending on what kind of material is used, and each looks nice in a narrow cut or the aforementioned wider plank styles. Of course, grey is also a shade that is becoming more popular, proving that sometimes you can just find something nice in the middle.

2018 will prove that sometimes marrying the old, like a nice, classic hardwood, to the modern, like when it meets the minimalist flooring colors, can lead to something amazing. It is for this reason that our Nashville-based flooring professionals keep an eye on things like the upcoming floor trends, so that when we get your call, we are ready to help you get things right away.

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