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Three Ways to Use Carpet in Your Commercial Space

Sprucing up the atmosphere of your business is a valuable and effective way of creating a comfortable and creative environment for employees, customers, and clients.  When combining different textures of flooring and other construction materials the possibilities can seem endless.  Ozburn-Hessey’s top of the line selection and their extensive experience of facilitating business owners realize their dream designs means you can be certain you’ll find the best combinations for your space throughout.  Ozburn-Hessey installs many forms of flooring including, rubber, hardwood, cork, resilient, and carpet.  If you’re considering carpet for your commercial area, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here’s three ways to effectively use carpet in your commercial space to inspire all who pass through your halls.

1.    Quiet Carpet

Have a loud, reverberant space in your building?  Adding carpet to environs like these can improve the atmosphere in ways that go beyond the obvious visual beauty.  In addition to the stunning look a perfectly paired, high quality carpet will bring to your room, you will also benefit from a calmer, quieter atmosphere overall.  By carpeting spaces that are currently filled with hard surfaces (especially covering concrete floors), you have the potential to create more focused, inviting atmospheres.  This not only improves the “feel” of a space but also leads to greater productivity.  Ozburn-Hessey also installs acoustical ceilings if you’d like to take the acoustics of your space to the next level.  It’s hard to get much done if you can’t hear clearly!

2.    Hallowed High-Traffic Halls

Carpet is tough.  Ozburn-Hessey carries the highest quality of materials which means you’ll get a beautiful and inviting carpet that will last for many years to come.  Comercial carpet is designed to withstand traffic, stains, and basically whatever you can throw or stomp at it!  Ozburn-Hessey will pair your heavily traveled area carpet applications with a high-density performance backing assuring you years of beautiful coverage and performance.  Because commercial carpet is low maintenance you can be confident that your space will be beautiful day in and day out which is a great aspect for those who want to get work done and not spend all their time maintaining flooring with expensive and time consuming buffing or waxing associated with other products.

3.    Creative Color

The visual palette available when using carpet is immense.  Unlike other flooring, carpet offers a greatly expanded realm of possibilities when creating a cohesive, vibrant atmosphere.  Have some fun as you dream about the spaces you’d like to create.  Add a putting green in a board room, create wild checkerboard patterns, let your imagination run wild!  Ozburn-Hessey offers innovative products from trusted manufacturers such as Shaw to provide you with a creative, cutting-edge carpet configuration.

Whatever carpet you call for, we have the products and expertise to get the job done right.  At Ozburn-Hessey we do projects ranging from hospital flooring to restaurants to corporate offices and more.  We serve Nashville and the surrounding Middle Tennessee region, including Madison, Hendersonville, Brentwood, Franklin, Green Hills, and Antioch.  Call us today to get an estimate started!

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