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The Benefits of Acoustical Ceilings that Nashville Needs to Know About

There’s no better time than the holidays to see all the great benefits of acoustical ceilings. Perhaps you’re having a holiday party at a nice restaurant or attending the Nutcracker at the TPAC, or even watching a children’s Christmas concert at a school — whatever the event, the benefits of acoustical ceilings come into play. Luckily, the crew at Ozburn-Hessey can also install these ceilings for you in both your commercial space or your residential space. We have so many different and creative ways we’ve installed acoustical ceilings, that there really isn’t anything we wouldn’t try! Not sure what the benefits of these fancy ceiling tiles include? Here are just a few:

Improve the overall sound quality
One of the best things that acoustical ceilings can do is improve the sound quality in the room. This is especially important for all those Christmas concerts and plays that take place around Middle Tennessee during the holidays. The acoustical ceiling vendors we work with are the best of the best for sound quality so you can rest assured knowing you have the best ceiling tiles that enhance the overall experience when the music is key. If you are looking for ceiling tiles where sound quality is a top priority, contact us to get started.

Absorbs sound
Just like sound quality is an important factor in acoustical ceiling installation, so is the ability to absorb outside sound. Ozburn-Hessey works with a large amount of vendors with top-notch sound absorption knowledge. They not only offer ceiling tiles for a great price, but they also are the leading companies in their field. Sound absorption is crucial when trying to talk to other people. This often is a concern for restaurants, event spaces and open work spaces (like offices, libraries or coffee shops). With an acoustical ceiling installation, this concern will be something of the past.

Looks Great
There is a common misconception that acoustical ceilings don’t look good with interior design, but that’s simply not true! One of our missions at Ozburn-Hessey is to make sure that our ceiling and floor installations look fabulous. Making sure you love the look of your floors and ceilings is one of our top priorities, and we’ll make sure it happens!

There are so many great benefits to installing acoustical ceilings. Still not convinced? Give us a call and schedule a consultation. We can show you all the vendors we work with and our own portfolio that includes ceiling installation jobs throughout the Nashville area. And don’t forget! We install floors, too! Give us a call for more information about all our floor installation and ceiling tiles today!

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