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Three Ways Ozburn-Hessey Makes Floor Installation Easy

Installing floors can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be with the help of our crew of experienced and trained professionals. We already know why floor installation isn’t always meant as a DIY project, but one of the biggest reasons is how easy we make it for our clients. Not only does it actually save you money in the long run, but we also alleviate the stress that comes with interior design projects. So how exactly do we make it easy on our clients while we install floors or acoustical ceilings? We have three significant ways that make floor installation an easy and enjoyable experience for our clients.

Install on your schedule
We know how important running a business is, which is why we work with our clients to make sure we install their new floors when it works best for their schedule. You don’t need to worry about our crew installing floors while your employees work, or losing valuable time when your doors should be open. If you are an office that works Monday through Friday, we can do the job over the weekend. Run a retail store that’s open in the evenings? We can work with you to find a time of day that works best. This is the best way we can ensure it won’t disrupt workflow or bother your employees/customers.

We move your furniture so you don’t have to
Want to install new commercial carpet or some other type of flooring but worried about the logistics? Don’t worry about it! With our years of experience completing countless floor installation projects throughout Middle Tennessee, we can easily move the furniture from the space and put it back after the floor has been installed! All we ask is that our clients pack up their personal belongings and we can take care of the rest.

Finish in a timely manner
Another huge benefit to having our crew install your new flooring is their ability to finish the job in a timely manner. Have you ever hired someone for a project (or done the project yourself) and it doesn’t get finished in the timeframe promised? Not with us! We are efficient and timely and understand the importance of deadlines. If you are worried you don’t have enough time to get new commercial carpet for your office, don’t worry! With us, you do!

Installing new floors should be an exciting and easy experience; and we work hard to make sure that is the case with all of our clients. Don’t let the thought stress you out. Give us a call and we’ve got you covered from there. We work on your schedule, we complete the project in a reasonable manner and we move all your furniture out of the way (and then back in place)! There’s no better way to make the process an enjoyable experience for you! Need new floors (like commercial carpet), and live in the Nashville area? Contact us today to learn more!

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