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Where does carpet work best in home/commercial space?

Not all spaces are created equally. While carpet is a great choice for many areas, it’s not always the best choice. And though carpet, in general, is a great option for your floor installation project, there are some floors that are better options than others. Note that no carpet is bad carpet, but there are places where some carpet will not function to its fullest potential. So while you look at all the flooring Ozburn-Hessey has to offer for your commercial or residential space, consider the type of area and what might work best in the space.  

Carpet Looks Great in These Areas

Offices: Carpet is great for desk areas, lobbies and conference rooms. Carpet evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, so adding carpet to an office where people spend a significant amount of time is a good option.

Hallways: Because carpet is so resilient, areas that see a lot of foot traffic are great for for carpet. As people walk from room to room, you need flooring that is durable and easy to maintain. So it only makes sense that hallways greatly profit from carpet.

Commercial carpet is also great for store fronts, small boutiques, museums, libraries and even hotels. Carpet is great residential spaces, too! Thanks to its sound control, durability and budget-friendly price tag, carpet is a practical option for all kinds of spaces. Our crew of experienced floor installers can sit with you and discuss the best types of carpet for these spaces.

Areas that could benefit from other types of floors

Restrooms: Linoleum floors is a great option to install in lieu of carpet, especially for bathrooms. Bathrooms require flooring that is water resistant and easy to clean. Talk with our crew to discuss different types of materials available.

Kitchens: Like bathrooms, kitchens benefit from linoleum. Other types of flooring that might work well in kitchens are rubber and cork flooring. The floor needs to be durable, resistant to stains and water, and disinfect easily.

Other areas that work great with linoleum are daycares, file rooms, storage rooms and other spaces that require utilitarian floors. While carpet is a durable type of floor, oftentimes linoleum, rubber or cork can often be a better choice in spaces like these.

With Ozburn-Hessey’s plethora of vendors, the options for your flooring installation are endless. We work with only the best flooring providers, and we work hard to ensure there’s an option at your price point. And remember, with the help of our expertise, you can rest assured you’re getting the flooring you love. If you live in the Nashville area and want more information about our services, including acoustical ceiling services, contact us today!

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