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Three Ways Ozburn-Hessey Makes Your Room Look Bigger

A very common question our crew has heard from potential clients is how can they make the space look larger. Whether it’s commercial or residential, they always want to give the illusion that they have more space available than they really do. Thankfully, there are some tricks of the trade that allow spaces to appear bigger than they really are and we can help you achieve the look. Whether it’s hardwood, linoleum or rubber flooring, our team of experienced floor installers stick to these three ways to make the space look larger:

Planks, not strips
If a client wants to install a hardwood or other type of floor that comes in strips, we usually see if planks are available. This is especially true if the client has expressed interest in making the room appear larger. Strips are typically 3 inches in width; however planks are larger, which gives the illusion that the floor itself is wider. This is a simple trick that surprisingly goes a long way.

Larger tiles
The same principle holds true for large tiles as it does for planked floors. For linoleum, rubber and other floors that are installed using tiles, the bigger the better. Small tiles tend to close the space in, making it appear much smaller than it really is. A larger tile will open up the room and improve the interior design. This can also apply to commercial carpet installed in tiles. The bigger, the better!

Install floors horizontally
This neat trick might not seem like it would work, but it really does! It doesn’t matter what type of hardwood or linoleum flooring you want to install, installing it horizontally can help! The idea with installing your floors horizontally is that it tricks the eye into seeing a different pattern, which alludes to a much larger room. But worry about doing it yourself — installing floors can be a daunting endeavor and we can make sure it’s done correctly.

Floor installation can be a tricky process, especially when it comes to the overall tone and design of the room. And though we can’t make the room bigger for you, we can help you make it look like you have more space. Another way to make the room appear larger is to keep the patterns of the floors the same from room to room. It’s OK to switch up the floor, but having a cohesive pattern keeps the space open.

And from an interior design perspective, don’t shy away from dark colors for your floors! If done with complementing wall paint or trim, your room can look bigger! From hardwoods to linoleum to even tiled carpet, we use these tricks to make sure you get the floors you want and the room you deserve.

Want more information about our flooring installation services within the Middle Tennessee area? We offer a variety of floor installation services and we can install everything from commercial carpet to residential hardwood. In addition, we also offer acoustical ceiling installation services, which is a great option for your interior design! and Give us a call today!

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