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Great Ways to Dress Up Your Floors

With great floors come great responsibility. You want to make sure they work hard while still looking phenomenal. Fortunately, all of the floors we install can look great on their own. From hardwood to carpet, a simple installation can really give your space the facelift it really needs. However, sometimes you might want to jazz up your floors even more. Whether you’ve just installed a new floor or it’s been a few years since your last floor installation, dressing up your floors can often make a world of difference in your interior design.

Adding a rug to your space is often the easiest and cheapest option out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re adding a rug to a hardwood at home or a rug to a commercial carpet in your new office — it will take your interior design up a notch. Not to mention, adding a rug can often be a great way to protect the floors themselves from extra wear and tear thus ensuring your flooring lasts as long as possible.

Got a cool logo that you want to show off? Adding a logo to the carpet is a great to do that! Our crew recently installed commercial carpet for Vanderbilt with their logo, and it’s been a hit. It’s a fun and unique way to show off school pride while utilizing the space beneath our feet.

Acoustical Ceilings
This might seem a little out of the box, but one way to dress up your floors, is to add new acoustical ceilings! Like with most interior design, you want your space to compliment each other, and this holds true for acoustical ceilings. Have flooring you want to show off? Call our crew at Ozburn-Hessey. They’ll be able to help determine what type of ceilings will look great with those hardwoods you love. Another added benefit? Acoustical ceilings are great for sounds control making them beneficial for commercial spaces.

Complimentary wall colors
Similar to acoustical ceilings, adding a complementary wall is a great way to dress up your floors. Want to spotlight your brand new carpets? Paint your walls a complimentary color so they really stand out. Painting your walls a new color is a great way to dress up your flooring without actually doing anything to your floors. Plus, it will really amp up your interior design!

Refinish old hardwoods
Got old hardwood floors that need some new shine? Refinish them! Refinishing hardwoods is a great way to keep the integrity of your beloved hardwoods while adding a new finish and shine to them. It’s like getting brand new floors, except they’re the ones you’ve had all along!

There are so many ways your can dress up your existing or new floors — and the best part is that we’re happy to help you! Have an idea? Our crew of floor installation experts can assist you (or guide you to someone who can) in order to make sure your interior design looks picture-worthy. For more information about flooring and acoustical ceiling services, call us today!

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