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Five Ways to Prevent Damage to New Flooring

New floors are really exciting! So obviously you want to protect them at all costs, right? One of the biggest concerns our clients have is how they can make their new floors last a long time. If you are installing commercial carpet or other commercial flooring, it can typically withstand wear and tear, but you still should take care of your floors as best you can. Whether it’s new hardwoods in your living room or linoleum in your conference room at the office, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to make the flooring last:

Mats and rugs
This is a no-brainer but can often be overlooked! Use rugs or mats in high-traffic areas such as hallways or entryways. They provide protection to the outdoor elements, which can help enormously in protecting your floors. Not sure what kind of mat or rug to use?  Call our crew at Ozburn-Hessey and they’ll be able to assist you in choosing a sturdy carpet in the color and style you like.

Furniture pads
Furniture pads are an easy and inexpensive way to protect your floors. This is especially true for spaces where you might move furniture often. Utilizing furniture pads keeps from scratching or scraping your beautiful floors. Furniture pads are available at most home department stores. If you need help locating furniture pads, ask a crew member for help!

Keep animals’ nails trimmed
More and more commercial spaces are allowing animals in their establishments. If you are one of them, have your employees agree to keep their animal’s nails trimmed regularly. If you just got floor installation in your residential space, make an effort to keep the nails trimmed on your furry friends too. Trimmed nails is a great way to keep the hardwoods from scratching and carpet from snagging.

Don’t wear heels on hardwoods
This is probably a harder rule to enforce in the office place, but if you have hardwoods it might be worth mentioning. If you have hardwoods at home, take off your heels before walking into the room. Heels are often the culprit for scuffs and scrapes on nice hardwood. If you wear them, be mindful when entering a room with hardwood floors. This not only keeps the floors looking clean, but it also keeps from having to repair any dents or scratches throughout its lifetime.

Regularly clean and polish
It doesn’t matter if you have hardwoods, carpet or linoleum. One of the best ways to ensure your floors remain shiny and new is to clean them regularly. If you have carpets, be sure to do a hot water extraction cleaning about once or twice a year. If you have hardwoods, be sure to polish them as often. Maintaining their cleanliness is a great way to keep scratches, scrapes, stains and other types of damage at bay.

Are your floors damaged and need some repair? Our crew of floor installation experts can discuss options such as refinishing hardwoods or replacing carpet. Whatever your need might be, we’re here to help. For more information about floor and acoustical ceiling installation services or pricing, give us a call today!

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