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This Year’s Trend in Commercial Flooring

Running a business can be hard work. The last thing you need to worry about is dealing with floor maintenance and other flooring issues. We understand! So it’s no wonder that we have seen a trend in certain types of flooring during floor installation projects with commercial spaces. The trend is easy maintenance and comfort! From large corporations to small businesses, these floors are vital to the bones of the facility and the integrity of your business. Nashville businesses need floors that look great but don’t hurt your feet at the end of the day and that require minimal maintenance.

Just like businesses, floorings have also evolved. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that if your business has grown over the years, your flooring needs to as well. While this can ring true for all kinds of commercial spaces, this is key for corporate offices and business buildings where the workforce spends long hours in the space. You don’t want to spend your time dealing with the floors. You want to spend your time making money. So what are some key factors to this new trend? From the ease of the maintenance to the comfort it provides, it’s a simple trend with many, many options available.

Maintenance is still imperative.
Like with all floors, this new trend still requires some maintenance to keep the integrity of the space. Keep the purpose of the space in mind during the installation process; the purpose is often as important as the tone and design of the space. Consider linoleum for high traffic areas like lobbies, hallways, conference rooms, etc. Carpets are still great options for office spaces and smaller areas. Yes, the key is to find flooring that doesn’t require a lot but that also will look great for years to come.

Business floors require more comfort now
If you and your employees are working long hours in Middle Tennessee, so do your floors. Many people are spending longer hours in the office nowadays. From dawn until dusk they’re walking around in heels, loafers and other work footwear. So while the cleanliness of a floor is important, so is the comfort. Many corporate and small business owners are looking to floors that can provide extra comfort for those who stand and walk all day. Options for this would be floors that are traditionally seen in health care settings. Linoleum, rubber and cork flooring are all great examples. And while carpet is always a great choice, the ease of these alternative types of flooring is what makes your business fashion forward.

The great thing about this trend is the amount of options available to achieve it. Ozburn-Hessey has a variety of options that will provide easy maintenance and comfort for years. Let your floors be an asset to your successful office. Want to learn more about flooring installation including linoleum or rubber flooring? Contact our flooring experts today!

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