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Reasons to Choose Linoleum Over Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular and classic choices for floor installation. Hardwood lasts for years, is beautiful and is versatile for a wide range of interior design styles. Unfortunately, there are a few instances where hardwoods are not the best choice for your home or commercial space. Ultimately, using a more durable floor is the best option, even if it is not your first choice. Thankfully, now you can have something in between! Linoleum is no longer what it used to be. Years ago the choices were limited and not always appealing. Now, customers can get eye-catching linoleum for surprisingly low cost. The best part? Vendors now offer linoleum that looks a lot like hardwood. Some might not even be able to tell a difference! Ultimately, the choice is yours, but here are a few reasons why linoleum might be a better fit for you than hardwood:

One of the biggest issues customers have when they are deciding what floors to install in their home or business is the cost. Rest assured, because linoleum is a cost-effective solution to get the look of hardwood for half the cost. Our team of floor installers will work with your budget and make your concerns our number one priority. With our large catalogue of vendors, we feel confident you will find something you will be happy with.

Better for children and animals
Hardwoods are susceptible to scratches and scruffs. If you have children or pets who love to run around in your home (and let’s face it, that is a lot of us), you probably do not want to constantly be removing or repairing the damage. If this is the cast, linoleum might be a better choice for you. These floors are built to be more durable for wear and tear, which also makes them great in commercial settings with high foot traffic.

Easier to clean
This is another huge draw to linoleum instead of hardwood. Floors can already be irritating to clean anyway! Why add extra work for yourself when you do not have to? Linoleum is easy and no nonsense to clean. Now do not be mistaken, these floors still need to be regularly cleaned and dusted, but you can do away with refinishing and waxing if you have linoleum. It is no wonder this is a popular choice for busy families or prospering businesses.

Linoleum is great for commercial uses and new families who might have young children and pets. You might not have the budget, time or the resources to keep hardwood floors beautiful, but with linoleum you can still get the look without the extra work. Floor installation has never been easier. With all the choices of Ozburn-Hessey’s floor installation services, there is no reason you should not get started today. Not sold on linoleum or interested in other flooring materials? We even have acoustical ceiling services available for those interested. Contact one of our floor installation team members today!

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