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The Latest Look: Tips for Using Ceiling Bold Colors

There are so many great trends out there right now that it is hard to pick just one for your floors or ceiling. But one great trend you can incorporate in your interior design is bold colors for your ceilings in your home or commercial space. Whether you want to add a bright, sunny yellow to an existing residential ceiling or add hues of blue to an attractive acoustical ceiling, there are many options available that will make your space look great. Our team of experts knows all the latest trends, including bold colors for ceilings, and can make sure you are left with beautiful floors and ceilings when the job is done. If you want to add the latest look, here are a few tips to get you started:

Match carpet/hardwoods
Like with everything, your carpet, hardwood and other floors should correspond with the ceiling. If you already have a bold floor, use a more neutral pallette for the acoustical ceiling installation. Have neutral floors? Feel free to add some pizzazz to your ceiling with a spot of color. Not sure what to do? Contact us for some guidance. Our mission is for Nashville to have beautiful floors and great ceilings. We won’t lead you astray.

Incorporate colors with acoustical ceilings
If you have acoustical ceiling installation, you might think your options are limited when adding a bold color, but do not be restricted! There are so many creative things you can do with an acoustical ceiling. And adding accent colors is a great way to liven up your interior space. Our large catalogue of vendors make this possible. Speak with an acoustical ceiling representative today to discuss your options.

Paint colors when installing/re-doing floors
One of the smartest things to do when adding a bold color to your ceiling is to complete the job as you are re-doing your floors. This avoids damaging the floors themselves. Damage can include getting paint on the floors and causing scruffs and scratches while moving furniture in and out of the room. Causing damage to your floors can be a real bummer, especially if they are new. Completing a project like this can be overwhelming but do not fret! Our team can address and meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

Adding some color to your ceilings is a great way to bring character to your space. Whether you are adding paint to an existing residential ceiling or want to add it during an acoustical ceiling installation, we can help (so do not go at it alone). Our crew of floor experts is a great resource for all of the best floor and ceiling trends. We are happy to point you in the right direction. There are so many design trends possible by adding a bold color to the ceiling, and it is a great way to reflect your personality or business in your interior design. Want to learn more about acoustical ceiling installation, or even floor installation? If you live in the Middle Tennessee area, call us today to talk about our services!

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