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Incorporating a Rustic Look in your Home’s Flooring

A popular interior design in Nashville homes (and even commercial spaces) is rustic design. From floors to ceilings, a rustic tone is desired among those looking to incorporate old southern tradition with a breath of modern design. If you are looking to incorporate a rustic look in your home, your floors are a great place to start. It’s a subtle change that can make a big statement. Because rustic interior design brings in historic and traditional elements, your floors are easy components. Not sure where to start? Here are a few different floor types available that will embody that rustic look you are looking for:

Repurposed hardwood
Using recycled and repurposed hardwood is one of the best ways to achieve a rustic look from your floors. Vendors like Good Wood Nashville use old barn wood and other repurposed pieces to create beautiful, rustic-looking flooring. What better way to embody the rustic tone than to use pieces from a different era in time? Ozburn-Hessey can work with GoodWood and other hardwood vendors that work exclusively with repurposed wood to install your perfect floors too!

Mix and Match hardwood
Another aspect of rustic interior design is the ability to mix and match with minimal effort. It is all about using different elements from different periods of time to create a room that expresses you. Mixing and matching hardwoods is one way to achieve this look. Use different types or tones of wood to utilize a unique and customized floor installation. Like the idea but not sure where to start? Our team of experts can discuss with you the best options for this sort of look. With years of experience, they understand what tones and types of woods look best together and can create the perfect rustic flooring you have been craving.

Tiles or stones
Another floor installation idea for a rustic look would be to incorporate tiles or stone work for your floors. This conveys the rustic and earthy components well. Using tile or stone is a great idea for those looking to encompass a rustic look but don’t want hardwood flooring. Of course, it should be noted that our floor installation services do not include tile or stone flooring, but we can offer a similar flooring, if desired. Linoleum is a great substitute for those who want the look of tile but need something much more durable.

Neutral carpet
If you don’t like hard types of flooring such as hardwood or linoleum, consider using carpets with neutral color fibers as a way to tie a rustic interior design together. Let other elements in your room take the stage while the carpet plays a more subtle, but important, role in the overall look. We have a large selection of vendors so choosing a carpet with natural tones is easy and affordable. It is no wonder that carpet is a popular floor installation choice among our clients.

Incorporating rustic design in your home or business is really easy if you have the right floors. Our team of certified and licensed workers can help you with all kinds of flooring installation options you will be pleased with. From hardwood to linoleum, our floor installation crew can make your floors look fabulous. Don’t want the rustic fun to stop? We also complete acoustical ceiling installations and can discuss ceiling options best suited for a rustic look in your home or commercial business. For more information about our residential and commercial flooring and acoustical ceiling services, contact our crew today!



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