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Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Floors

Choosing bathroom floors can be a tricky thing. You want something that looks nice, but also stands up to water, right? Have no fear! Whether it’s a residential or commercial bathroom that needs new flooring, our crew at Ozburn-Hessey can help. Just like the rest of your home or office, your bathroom is an extension of your interior design. Our vendors produce floors that embody both functionality and attractiveness. Not sure where to begin? Consider the three factors below to help you get started:

What kind of bathroom — Is the bathroom for commercial or residential space? Will the bathroom have a tub or shower? These are factors to consider when installing flooring in the bathroom. Also consider if children will be using the bathroom or if the bathrooms would be large facilities with stalls. If the bathroom is a children’s bathroom, you might want floors that are water and mold resistant. If your bathrooms are for large offices, perhaps consider flooring that can withstand heavy foot traffic. Great flooring options would be vinyl and linoleum. Carpet and hardwoods are typically not recommended. Our crew can direct you to the best brands that are resistant to water and soap scum and floors that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Type of style — We’ve always said that your floors should be an extension of your overall interior design style. This should also apply to your bathrooms. If you are installing floors in your residential bathroom, get creative! Maybe you like a luxurious bathroom with gorgeous tile or linoleum. Perhaps you need new floors for a children’s bathroom and you want to add some colorful vinyl. Whatever the case, our vendors have a large selection of colors and pattern that will fit any style.

When in doubt, contact us — We know choosing floors can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here! With years of experience, we can help you decide which floor is best suited for your needs, style and budget. We’ll know what floors stand up best for whatever your concern might be. This not only ensures an enjoyable floor installation experience, but it also leaves you with lasting and beautiful flooring for years to come.

Bathrooms, compared to other areas of your Nashville home or commercial space, might not seems like a fun project to complete. But it can be with our help! Whether you want to go with vinyl, linoleum or some other variation of floor, our team of experts will help you along the way. Interested in flooring installation but don’t need new floors for your bathroom? That’s OK! Ozburn-Hessey completes floor installation for all kinds of commercial and residential spaces. Hardwoods, carpets, vinyl, linoleum and beautiful acoustical ceilings are just a few of their many options for all kinds of flooring needs. For more information about our floor installation services in the Middle Tennessee area, contact one of our representative today!

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