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The Latest Look: Go Bold for Your Acoustical Ceiling

One part of interior design we often forget or under-utilize is the ceiling. While there are many practical reasons to install acoustical ceiling tile, it can also be a striking element in interior design. Although your floors might be your main centerpiece, maybe you should consider letting your acoustical ceiling take center stage. Have you ever heard the term “go big or go home?” This saying can apply to your ceiling installation too! Be creative and bold with different acoustical tile options and you will be rewarded with an attractive finished project. Here are just a few ways you can go bold for your acoustical ceiling:

Bold colors: An easy way to add a little flair to your room is to add a bold color to the ceiling installation. If you have a ceiling in a residential space and it’s not acoustical tile, adding a bold paint color is a great (and easy) way to go bold. If you do have acoustical ceilings or are interested in acoustical ceiling installation, Ozburn-Hessey’s vendors have a wide variety of ceiling tiles that have bold and attractive hues that can go with any interior design scheme.

Hardwood: Another great way to add a little pizzaz to your ceiling is to use the look of hardwood. Though real hardwood doesn’t necessarily work for acoustical purposes, there are vendors who can bring that feel of wood to the ceiling while still maintaining the usefulness of acoustical tiles. Take Rulon International, for example. They have a wide variety of ceiling tiles available where you can acheive this look at an affordable cost. Ozburn-Hessey uses this popular vendor for our clients so you can rest assured your hardwood-looking acoustical tile will look fantastic.

Shapes and Designs:  Use your ceiling to create more depth and illusion. A bold choice for your ceiling installation would be to add an acoustical canopy or cloud tiles. These not only improve the overall sound quality of a space, but they look striking in any space. The same can be said for open ceilings. A popular look for many Nashville businesses, an open ceiling is a bold and sure way to incorporate acoustical ceilings in your business.

Say goodbye to those drabby and ugly ceiling tiles. There’s never been a better time to call Ozburn-Hessey and discuss options for a bold acoustical ceiling look in your commercial space. Give your ceiling a little attention with some new hardwood acoustical tiles, colors or shapes. But don’t stop there! You could even take this idea to your basic ceilings in your residential space by adding a simple coat of paint in a bold color. The choices are endless.

Interested in learning more about acoustical ceilings or flooring installation? Ozburn-Hessey can also assist you with installing flooring, such as hardwood, carpet or linoleum. We have a large catalog of options available for any taste and budget. If you need both, Ozburn-Hessey can kill two birds with one stone! For more information about acoustical and flooring installation, contact us today!

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