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Four Tips to Pair Furniture with Hardwood Floors

After a floor installation, decorating the room can be a really enjoyable experience. But in some cases, it can also be overwhelming — especially if you are unfamiliar with interior design. And sometimes, decorating with hardwood floors can be the hardest to pair with. The urge might be to match your decorations with your flooring, but remember that’s not necessary! Variation in color, design and texture is key. It brings interest and appeal to every room. In addition, having everything match is unrealistic. Most people are not purchasing furniture all at once, so don’t worry about it. Your space will look great with your new hardwoods and your personal sense of style. Just keep these four tips in mind when pairing furniture with your hardwood floors:

  1. Mix don’t match. This is the most important tip for anyone who wants to decorate with their new floors. Mixing your hardwood with other types of woods is an attractive and easy way to furnish your home or commercial space. Just don’t go too crazy. Keep the different types of wood finishing to two or three types. This keeps your space from looking too busy.

  2. Keep the grains similar — Depending on what the room is for, different grains can expel different tones for the room. Hardwood floors with larger grains can evoke casualness, while floor installations with smaller grains tend to be more formal. Either way, pair the flooring with furniture that has similar grains to keep your desired tone. Another thing to watch for is the undertone of the hardwood. You want the hardwoods to compliment each other so be mindful of the warm and cool undertones in each piece of wood.

  3. Use a buffer — Sometimes your floor installation and existing furniture is just too much. For example, if you’ve just had floor installation with a rich, dark hardwood, your existing ebony wood coffee table might get lost in the floors. What’s the solution? Use a buffer! Adding a large area rug or piece of carpet is a great way to break up those two woods easily and with little cost.  

  4. Make hardwoods neutral — Think of your flooring as a neutral space. Experiment with colors and patterns with furniture, paint and other interior decorations and have the floors tie everything together.  Using your floors as a neutral palette to the rest of the space is a great way to be creative. Of course, if you want your flooring to be the centerpiece of the room, consider painting cabinets and other wood furniture white or black to contrast with your brand new hardwood floors.  

Pairing furniture with floors can be a tricky thing, but don’t let it overwhelm you! Just remember the golden rules above and you’ll be sure to have a residential or commercial space you can be proud of. Of course, these rules don’t apply to just hardwood floors. Some of the same things can be said about carpet and other floor installation materials.

For more information about floor installation such as hardwood, carpet or linoleum, contact Ozburn-Hessey today. If you live in the Middle Tennessee area and want to revamp your commercial or residential space, we’re the best crew for the job. Don’t delay and begin your spring season with a floor makeover!

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