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Floors for Three Popular Interior Design Trends

When it comes to interior design, one of the great things about Nashville is the variety of tastes and designs all Nashvillians bring to the table. From southern charm to a more modern, urban tone, there are all kinds of interior design trends that match all sorts of tastes. And of course, what better way to improve your style than with your floors? There are many kinds of flooring that fit each trend and for every budget and style — both commercial and residential. Have a certain style in mind but not sure what floors to consider? Here are a few general styles and ideas for what kinds of floors look great in each space:

Modern — This style can be a combination of many other styles, but ultimately it needs to be simple, clean and uncluttered. Function is also key. Think clean lines in furniture and simple decorations throughout. There are all sorts of flooring options available that not only are durable but also fit the modern style you’re looking for. Consider trying bold and geometric patterns and bright colors in your residential or commercial carpet. You can also consider cork flooring as an option for a modern and eco-friendly look.

Rustic — Rustic can embody both trendy and traditional elements. The definition of a rustic interior design is historical elements, like furniture, in a modern room design. And what better area to incorporate both historical and modern elements than in your Middle Tennessee commercial or residential space? Depending on the color scheme and other interior decorations, you can choose from a wide range of flooring for your rustic type of home. Choose from light or dark hardwood floors, and neutral or colors from a soft color palette for carpets. Even consider linoleum if you want to use this style in kitchens and bathrooms.

Utilitarian — This particular trend in interior design is seen more and more often in residential areas or large commercial spaces downtown. Typically, key elements of utilitarian design is functionalism and edginess. Deep, rich hardwood floors would be a great option for someone who wants to embody this look. Other types of floors could be linoleum, tile or cork flooring. Just be sure they have a function and are durable (while still looking sleek).

One of the great things about floors is that there are so many options readily available to fit your style. By choosing a floor, you’re customizing a space to your specific taste and use. And as you can see above, a lot of the same types of floorings can be used for multiple interior design trends. Commercial carpet is great for both utilitarian and rustic, and hardwoods would work well in modern and rustic designs. The ideas are endless.

Looking to update your floors but not sure where to start? Contact Ozburn-Hessey for a consultation today. If you know what kind of interior design you’re going for, we can discuss with you options for floor installation and the best types of commercial carpet, hardwood, linoleum and many other flooring available.

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