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Four Tips on How Floors Can Help Nashville Allergies

If you’ve seen any of the Nashville news about the weather the past week or so, you know the pollen count is high. And because it’s March, it’s only the beginning of high pollen counts for trees, grass and weeds in the Middle Tennessee area. We know allergies can be tough for people who might not be accustomed to the the Nashville area yet or who might just be more susceptible to pollen and ragweed. With all the new trees blooming and grass growing, the allergies are going to be a constant struggle this season so it’s important to be cautious.

A common misconception is that carpet, especially commercial carpet, can be a hotbed of allergens and can wreak havoc on someone’s sinuses. However, carpet does not increase problems for allergy sufferers. In fact, studies show carpet can act as a filter for allergens such as pet dander, pollen and dust. The carpet traps them inside the fibers preventing them from swimming in the air.

With that said, making sure your floors are cleaned properly and often can give some relief to allergy sufferers, especially if the floors are hardwood floors or linoleum. If you suffer from allergies (pet dander and dust included), below are a few cleaning tips to keep in mind to help alleviate some pain.

  • Vacuum — If you have carpet, vacuuming daily or even every couple days will do wonders. Cleaning frequently will pick up any pollen or dander that might not have had the opportunity to be trapped in the fibers. Instead, sucking up the pollen will get rid of it for good.

  • Deep clean — Like always, we recommend deep cleaning your carpet. There is never a bad reason to use hot water extraction to give your floors a nice deep clean. And hey, since warm weather is approaching, why not use it as an excuse for a little spring cleaning.

  • Sweep often on hardwood floors — If you have hardwood flooring or other hard floors, the chances of dust and dander affecting you is a bit higher than with carpet. For this reason alone, it’s very important to sweep often. Don’t forget the nooks and crannies in your commercial space. That’s where the pollen, dust and dander like to hide!

  • Use doormats to limit pollen — This is a great tip for those who want to nip the pollen in the bud. Place doormats at every entryway for people to wipe their feet. This will help avoid bringing additional pollen into inside air. While some of it is avoidable, using a doormat can definitely help prevent some from entering.

While floors are not usually a cause for allergies, keeping them clean will help alleviate symptoms for those who don’t respond well to Nashville’s spring. A simple sweep or vacuum can be a great step in the fight against pollen. If you have old carpet and it’s time for a change, Ozburn-Hessey can take care of your residential or commercial carpet needs. We also provide hardwood flooring, linoleum and other floor installation services. For more information, contact Ozburn-Hessey today.

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