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Spring Cleaning: Options for Your Floors This Season

We can hardly believe it, but it is March and the air is warming up in Nashville. Though chances of snow and colder weather still linger, our days will get longer and the sun will shine brighter in the coming months. So what’s a good way to kick off the spring season? How about a little spring cleaning? It is a great way to start the spring and summer months on the right foot. A nice, deep clean not only rejuvenates you, but it makes your space look great as well! And while you clean out closets and garages, don’t forget to give your floors and ceilings some tender, loving care too. Here are a few things you can do for your floors to give them that spring-clean shine:

  • Deep clean your carpet. As we all know, proper cleaning and maintenance on your carpet (whether it’s commercial carpet or residential), is important if you want to give your carpets a long life. It’s recommended that you give your carpet a deep clean using hot water extraction once or twice a year. (This is especially true if you have a child or pet.) A clean, gorgeous looking carpet can make or break a room, so don’t ignore the carpet during your annual cleaning frenzy.

  • Refinish hardwoods. Refinishing your hardwood floors is not usually an annual occurrence, but if the hardwood floors are drab, scratched and dull, consider refinishing your floors this spring. Refinished hardwood gives old floors a whole new life. If you don’t need a hardwood refinish, but your floors need a little pick-me-up, give your hardwoods a thorough cleaning to make them shine again.

  • Rip out old and install new carpet or linoleum. Sometimes it’s time to tell your carpet or linoleum goodbye. If that time is now, call Ozburn-Hessey for our floor installation services. For both commercial and residential spaces, Ozburn-Hessey can help you determine what floor is right for your budget and interior design. Does the thought of new floors overwhelm you? Don’t let it! Ozburn-Hessey works with you to make sure it’s a seamless and easy process. This not only ensures less hassle for you, but makes your spring cleaning a breeze. You’ll be amazed how easy spring cleaning can be!

  • Add something extra. Spring cleaning is all about making your space look fresh. If you have great floors, but want to add something new, consider adding something to your existing floors. Try a new commercial carpet rug to your hardwood flooring. Or maybe this is the year you’ll finally get that acoustical ceiling installed that you’ve always wanted. Not only can Ozburn-Hessey find an acoustical ceiling that’s right for your budget, but we’ll help you make sure it compliments your existing space and floors.

Don’t let your spring cleaning sneak up on you. Start planning now! If your spring cleaning requires refinishing or installation services (such as acoustical ceilings or commercial carpet), Ozburn-Hessey is always here to help. For both residential and commercial spaces, the crew can take care of your hardwoods, carpets and linoleum in no time.  Call Ozburn-Hessey today for more information. Happy spring cleaning, Nashvillians!


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