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How to Get Your Hardwood Floors Shiny

Hardwood floors have always been a popular choice in floor installation. They last a long time and they give each commercial space and home character. So it’s no wonder Ozburn-Hessey is always installing new hardwood for businesses around Nashville and even refinishing old hardwood floors around the area. But did you know there a few easy tricks to keeping your existing floors shiny with products you already have at home? That’s right! Using the steps below, you can achieve a steady glow on your hardwoods that your guests will admire.

  1. Be sure to sweep or vacuum the area. This will get rid of dirt, hair and dust that’s collected around the area. If you have pets, this is especially important.

  2. Using a solution of water and vinegar, mop the hardwood flooring to clean it from any lingering dirt accumulation. Mopping the flooring about once a week (or even every other week) will keep those hardwoods looking clean and shiny. Another great tip would be to make the solution beforehand so you always have it when you need it. Using a spray bottle, add a cup of vinegar and fill the remaining bottle with water and shake before using.

  3. Occasionally, add olive oil. Add approximately a tablespoon of olive oil to your water/vinegar solution when it’s time to mop. This locks in moisture in your hardwood and increases the shine in your floors. Note that olive oil should only be added to your floor-cleaning procedure about once a month. You don’t want your floors to be too slippery causing falls and possible injuries.

If you use store-bought cleaners, that’s great too! These cleaners not only work well, but they also smell great. Be sure to read the label before purchasing though. If your cleaner contains wax, do not use the cleaner as often. Wax will eventually build up on your hardwoods, which causes the floors to lose their shine.

Of course there are times when your floors just need some professional care. After all, if you’re living on these floors, they’re going to look it! Sometimes scratches and wear and tear are unavoidable. It might be time for you to get Ozburn-Hessey to refinish floors, especially if you can’t get some of your flooring back to its original shine. They’ll come out and refinish floors to get them looking brand-spanking new. For more information about hardwood refinishing or other floor installation needs, contact a representative at Ozburn-Hessey for more information.

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