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Three Great Floors for your Home Office

Like a commercial office, the floors in a home office are incredibly important to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the room. However, unlike a commercial floor, your home floors receive less foot traffic giving you a variety of flooring options that aren’t necessarily recommended for commercial offices. Though some floors are great for both commercial offices (hyperlink) and home offices, there are a few types of flooring that are best suited for your in-home office. Here are three to consider:

Carpet — Carpet is typically the number one choice for floor installation in a home office. The reason why? It reduces sound from other areas of the home and is much more cost efficient. With a large selection of fibers and colors, the carpet in your home office can garner any look you desire! Another plus? It’s comfy! Whether or not you walk around barefoot in your home office is up to you! But at least with carpet, your bare tootsies will remain comfortable, and warm!

Hardwood — Hardwood is another popular choice for a home office. With less traffic and a little more money to invest on a home, hardwood can be a handsome choice for your floor installation. Ozburn-Hessey can give you a summary of popular types of hardwood and the materials best suited for your space. Just remember, if you have a rolling desk chair put a mat or rug underneath it to prevent scratches on your hardwood!

Linoleum — If you want the look of hardwood, but have pets or constant traffic, linoleum floors are great options for floor installation. You can achieve the same look as hardwoods, but linoleum is more durable and less expensive. Linoleum flooring is used for a variety of purposes and can withstand years of use, which is why it makes for a great choice for your in-home office!

Your home office is an extension of your home. For that reason alone, you want to make sure you install durable but beautiful flooring in your personal office space. Many choose to have consistent floors throughout the home, and if that’s the case, Ozburn-Hessey can help with that too! Ozburn-Hessey can cover all your residential floor installation needs. So if you want to install carpet (or hardwood) in your office and your living room, they’ve got you covered! Want more information on commercial residential floor installation, contact them today for a consultation. You’ll have brand new floors in no time!

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