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Three Best Floors for Commercial Bathrooms

One of the most common questions Ozburn-Hessey gets from their potential clients is what flooring works best for commercial bathrooms (or residential floors, for that matter). Floor installation options are really endless and all depends on the look of your interior bathroom. If you want a traditional and clean look for your bathroom, Ozburn-Hessey has choices for you. If you want something more trendy and elegant, Ozburn-Hessey can also give you options to achieve this look. Whatever the vision, Nashville’s Ozburn-Hessey can accommodate your bathroom flooring needs.

All that to say, some floors are better than others for your commercial bathroom. Yes, hardwood flooring is attractive, but it’s not the best for the bathroom. Here are the three top floor installation choices for your commercial bathroom:

Laminate flooring — You can either install laminate in sheets or tiles and either one is a great options for a commercial bathroom. Because laminate is an oil-based material, it will repel water as much as possible. In addition, there are a variety of design options for laminate flooring. Faux hardwood is just one example of a great bathroom floor.

Vinyl tiles — Vinyl tiles are a great option for your commercial bathrooms. It’s an easy installation and incredibly affordable. To top it off, vinyl tiles are made to be waterproof, which makes it a no-brainer. This is a great flooring for start-up businesses or those on a budget. And like laminate, there are so many design options for endless looks.

Sheet vinyl — Like, tile vinyl, sheet vinyl is one of the best options for a heavy traffic bathroom. In addition to its waterproof properties and low cost, sheet vinyl is easy to install. What makes sheet vinyl different than tile? Since it’s a sheet, there are no seams to deal with. Without seams between each tile, it decreases the likelihood of moisture seeping into the ground and it can also make cleaning even easier.

These three floorings are highly recommended by Ozburn-Hessey for commercial flooring. Other options include ceramic tiles, concrete floors or stone tile, which are great possibilities for your floor renovation. Nashville’s Ozburn-Hessey is ready and willing to accommodate your flooring needs so you with the bathroom floor of your dreams, while still staying within price range and maintaining durability. Got questions? Ozburn-Hessey can assist you from picking out a floor to final touches of floor installation.  For more information about Ozburn-Hessey’s services and other inquiries, contact their team today! 

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